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Baioni Crushing Plants at the service of the big Italian Project : “Quadrilatero”

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Baioni Crushing Plants at the service of the big Italian Project : “Quadrilatero”

June 27, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Baioni Crushing Plants at the service of the big Italian Project : “Quadrilatero”.
It was tested in spring 2010 an installation of a Baioni crushing, screening, storage, washing and water clarification plant in Pale (PG) , within the Maxilotto1, it is a part of the great civil engineering project, which is known as “Quadrilatero” (Italian for “quadrangle”) : this project of Marche-Umbria penetration, connects these two Italian regions with the Adriatic Sea, this project is composed with the great amount of 158 km of roads, fittings and connections.

It is inside this large area that the contracted company San Francisco Scarl produces sand and aggregates, needed for road construction through the use of machinery signed Baioni.

It represents another success for the company that, through a direct and personalized study has made the design of the plant which will treat specifically limestone and majolica. The plant has been designed to produce 180 t / h with a granulometric size, ranging from 25 mm to 0,075 mm.

The plant consists of a series of machineries divided into three stages of crushing, which then move to screening and washing phase, until the final stage of selection and sand recovery. Mainly impact crushers “MIP” and “MIL” are used during the crushing phase, which are able to ensure a maximum performance and production. The primary feeding and crushing unit consists of a push-pull feeder “ACP”, a live roll grizzly “GD” and a crusher “MIP”. During the screening phase, the washed water is treated by the “Fines Recovery Unit “and the silt is sent to the GRF hydro cyclone unit.

The whole clarification process of the water used during washing operations of aggregates, which success lies in the innovative sludge thickener Baioni, takes place into a metal tub, which is installed on the ground and situated at a right ground level for the sludge removal.

The decanter is composed of a bridge with six scraping shovels that move slowly, collecting the sludge into the evacuating cone, situated in the middle of the structure. The adoption of this system means significant cost savings by eliminating the costs due to the foundations and the pumps. Besides, pipes are exposed so it is easy to be inspected and the water volume required to feed the entire plant is reduced of 80%, as the water is collected and then put again into the cycle. The extracted sludge becomes shovelled through a process of mechanical dewatering.

For this project Baioni Crushing Plants showed a particular sensitivity towards the preservation of the territory: the layout of the plan reduces significantly the environmental impact by exploiting to its maximum extent the available areas, as the finished product is stored in heaps on the ground, surrounding the working sections and create an acoustic barrier. Besides these heaps of product reduce also the visual impact of the plant. Furthermore, it has been adopted a spray water pressure system, in order to make healthier the working place reducing considerably the dust production.

Baioni Crushing Plants is an example of quality evolution and research applied to the production of machinery and plants for crushing, screening and washing quarry and mine aggregate materials as well as machines for recycling demolition material. The company can boast many years of experience in the sector and a deep knowledge of the markets, which guarantee the development and careful production of specific machines and plants for the mining and stone industry at large, offering a complete range of solutions for the entire cycle of industrial treatment.

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