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Bottle Crusher,Bottle Crushing Machine,Bottle Crusher Equipment

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Bottle Crusher,Bottle Crushing Machine,Bottle Crusher Equipment

May 26, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Bottle Crusher

Started four years ago when two Dutchmen, Hans van Schoonhoven and Hendrik van Rhijn in Melbourne and Sydney joined forces to utilise an European idea of on-site glass crushing. Main objectives where to design and market a reliable, customer friendly machine as the major component of a full service model.

BC acquired some industry recognition (and beyond) along the way:
Best New Hospitality Product at the 2004 International Fine Food Show, Finalist at the OH&S awards in Victoria and Episode Winner on the ABC show The New Inventors.

  • Bottle Crusher Machine

    The Bottle Crusher is ideal for Large bottle recycling that would like to reduce the amount of glass bottle waste volume by up to 85%. It is compact, self contained and operates quietly. It saves money, time and energy.

    Saves Money

    · 85% compaction ratio
    · A 45 gallon trash can of bottles fits into a 5 gallon bucket
    · Dumpsters needs emptied less often
    · No need for trash bags

    Saves Time

    · Crushes bottles in seconds
    · Changing the 5 gallon bucket instead a 32 gallon trash can allows for more time behind the bar and with customers
    · No need to leave the bar area to empty trash can

    Environmentally Friendly

    · Crushed glass takes 85% less space in your dumpsters and our landfill

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