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Cone Crusher Components, Crusher Parts

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Cone Crusher Components, Crusher Parts

April 18, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

cone crusher and gyratory crusher Parts

1) Bevel Gear, 2) Eccentric Shaft, 3) Cone Liner, 4) Crushing Wall, 5) Cheese Head, 6) Liner Plate,7) Locknut, 8) Cutting loop, 9) Adjusting bolt, 10) Body, 11)Mortar Rolled, 11) Motor, 12) Spring

Introduce Bevel Gear – Crusher and Mill Spare

Bevel gears are gears where the axes of the two shafts intersect and the tooth-bearing faces of the gears themselves are conically shaped. Bevel gears are most often mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, but can be designed to work at other angles as well. The pitch surface of bevel gears is a cone.

Two important concepts in gearing are pitch surface and pitch angle. The pitch surface of a gear is the imaginary toothless surface that you would have by averaging out the peaks and valleys of the individual teeth. The pitch surface of an ordinary gear is the shape of a cylinder. The pitch angle of a gear is the angle between the face of the pitch surface and the axis.

Use of Bevel Gear in mining
Bevel wheel gear is used Cone Crusher.
It’s the core part of Spring Cone Crusher, CS Cone Crusher, HPC Cone Crusher and HCS90 Cone Crusher.

Introduce Eccentric Shaft – Cone Crusher Spare

E-shaft passes through the center of the rotor and is supported by fixed bearings. The rotors ride on eccentrics integral with the eccentric shaft . The rotors both rotate around the eccentrics and make orbital revolutions around the eccentric shaft. Seals at the corners of the rotor seal against the periphery of the housing, dividing it into three moving combustion chambers. The rotation of each rotor on its own axis is caused and controlled by a pair of synchronizing gears.

A fixed gear mounted on one side of the rotor housing engages a ring gear attached to the rotor and ensures the rotor moves exactly 1/3 turn for each turn of the eccentric shaft. The power output of the engine is not transmitted through the synchronizing gears. The force of gas pressure on the rotor goes directly to the center of the eccentric, part of the output shaft.

Introduce Motor – Crusher and Mill Spare

An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion. Motors converting heat energy into motion are usually referred to as engines which come in many types. A common type is a heat engine such as an internal combustion engine which typically burns a fuel with air and uses the hot gases for generating power.

External combustion engines such as steam engines use heat to generate motion via a separate working fluid. Another common type of motor is the electric motor.This takes electrical energy and generates mechanical motion via varying electromagnetic fields.

Use of Motor in Mining
Motor is the driven device of most mining machines. We provide both crusher motor and mill motor in various types.

Introduce Spring – Crusher and Mill Spare

A spring is an elastic object used to store mechanical energy. Springs are usually made out of hardened steel. Small springs can be wound from pre-hardened stock, while larger ones are made from annealed steel and hardened after fabrication. Some non-ferrous metals are also used including phosphor bronze and titanium for parts requiring corrosion resistance and beryllium copper for springs carrying electrical current (because of its low electrical resistance).

Safety spring can adjust recessed size, shorten mining machine’s stop time. It’s used in Spring cone crusher, MTM mill, CS cone crusher.

Features of Safety Spring:
Great quench-hardening ability, High stability of tempering, Decarb onisation and graphitization tendency is low, Comprehensive mechanics performance is good, Have certain corrosion resistance, Spring with V, Mo, W elements can handle certain high-temperature, Senior high-quality steel.

Cone Crusher Parts Introduction

ostly, for cone crusher we should buy extra spare wear parts(directly touch raw material on the surface of the main unit to protect them)when purchasing crusher machines. Change wear units regularly can be helpful to extends the useage of your production line . You can change the wear parts easily.

But if the main components have some problems, you should contact us machine manufacturer or professional repair person for comprehensive inspection. We are experts who have 30 years of experiences in developing and supplying cone crusher component units. If you get into this kind of trouble, discribe your machine condition as detail as possible and we will give you suitable suggestion.

Need Cone Crusher Spare or Gyratory Breaker Unit Parts?

Shanghai Shibang has a complete warehouse for all cone crusher parts and spares including breaker bars, bearings, electrical components and shafts. Cage mill parts including sleeves, bands and disks, are also stocked for quick assembly of all cages.
•We have the parts you need in stock, when you need them.
•Shibang now offers spare parts for your machine, including blow bars, impact plates and liners.
•Many of our crushers in the field are over 50 years old.
•We provide you with recommended spare parts list. Shanghai Shibang specialists work to find parts for older crushers.
•And if you are planning a rebuild, we can rebuild your crusher in our manufacturing facility with a new crusher warranty, or we can package your parts for in-plant rebuild.

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