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Copper equipment, advanced selected mineral processing technology

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Copper equipment, advanced selected mineral processing technology

May 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Copper equipment , advanced selected mineral processing technology of copper processing process and operating procedures. According to the nature of inputted ores and mineral composition of different, concentrator for beneficiation also different; Different origin of similar ore beneficiation process also has difference. The suitable dressing procedure shall be determined according to the dressing try face drawn, and dressing flow chart. Processing flow mainly include crushing, screening shunt change, grinding, classification, sorting process and dehydration process flow, etc. Crushing, screening process in concentrator, shunt crushing and screening homework is grinding the preparation before the work in rubble and metallurgical assistance raw material crushing plant is main operation.

Copper equipment, advanced copper processing flow broken selected assignments and screening assignments section, all broken composed broken sections (sometimes also includes such as ore washing the sum of homework) constitutes a crushing, screening bypass process. Common crushing, screening process has two legs open shunt flow, the two parts of the closed road process, three sections open process and three sections of the homenork. When ore harder when big crushing ratio, requirements, the three sections of crushing process. And since the grinding process for a broken by supporting often. Introduced in crushing flowsheets pre-selected homework.Sometimes

Copper equipment, advanced choose grinding, copper processing flow process grinding operation and classification of graded homework grinding section, according to the requirements of sorting operation, grinding, graded process by grinding section number into a section, two paragraphs and more paragraphs homenork.

Sorting by various sorting process methods, such as flotation, re-election, broken choose, re-election – flotation, magnetic separation flowsheet, it includes sorting is composed by a grinding sections (homework assignments and then sorting composed a sorting section), sorting cycle (sorting out one or several products ZuoYeZu sorting) as well as various sorting section, and choose and selection of middlings treatment etc. In dealing with some difficult to choose material such as difficult to selected mineral, non-ferrous metal oxide minerals and gold and silver ore, etc, also used choose – ouzhi joint process. Dehydration process most mineral processing all USES a lot of water, the granules must remove products for the ultimate moisture, and concentrate. The method is dressing products dehydration concentrate, filter and dry. Re-election method and magnetic separation method of coarse material products output part can be used traps, dehydration sieve, dehydration warehouse etc concentrate or filtering period of dehydration process. At different stages of processing, sometimes for the subsequent assignments are ready to mine, also undertake local dehydration. Tailing dehydration generally USES the enrichment period of dehydration process, use water returns concentrator. Copper equipment, advanced chosen by copper processing flow processing flow chart in order beneficiation, symbols, graphics, digital and text says mineral processing and each activity diagram of the relationship between them. According to the state or industry processing flow chart about drawing standards or habit, can draw is the line flowcharts, box flowchart or image flowcharts, etc.

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