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Crane for Crusher Maintenance

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Crane for Crusher Maintenance

May 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Maintenance overhead carne around crushers are one of the most flagrant safety violations is the use of inadequate and unsafe lifting equipment . When using a crane, always operate within the rated capacity includes; weight of hook, block, and handling devices such as cables, slings, spreader bars, etc.

Subtract the weight of all items from the rated capacity of the crane to find the true weight of the load that can be handled safety. Chain falls should be considered only as a last resort to assemble and disassemble a crusher. When it comes to safety, the best should be used.

Mobile Cranes

When using a mobile crane, always operate within the rated capacity of the crusher to avoid buckling the boom or tipping. Safe ratings are based on operating the crane on firm, level ground; outriggers should be properly extended and/or lowered whenever possible. Avoid fast swings, hoists or sudden braking; these can cause overloads. Do no handle large, heavy loads in strong winds.

When moving your crane, check bridges before crossing make sure they will support the weight of the crusher. Check clearances under bridges, for overhead electrical lines or any overhead obstruction.

Check your hitcher, be sure he’s clear before you start to lift. Make certain he securely attaches the load.

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