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Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

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Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

April 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Description:
FB dry mortar mixing plant is designed based on European advanced technology. It features high efficiency, low energy-consumption and environmentally friendly. Our dry mortar mixing plant, can be widely used in structural steelworks and building constructions.

Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Performances:
European coulter type mixing technology is adopted in the dry mortar mixing plant, which improved mixing efficiency and also prolonged service life. European twin-travel drying drum is equipped to optimize vanes structure and thus increased heat utilization efficiency. Heating system adopts coal fluidized bed roaster and oil fluidized bed roaster. Weighing system is equipped with international brand sensor module, twin-travel board plug valve and precise weighing device which all help achieve accurate weighting data.

Our FB dry mortar mixing plant is environmentally friendly. It is equipped with gravity dedusting and cloth bag dust collector. Therefore, it can reduce the pollution and the powder materials can be recycled. Besides, high reliability pneumatic control system, bulk and bag packing system and duplex computer control are all used in our FB dry mortar mixing plant.

Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Parameters:

Structure Model Mixer Model Production (tons) Annual Production (10,000 tons) Application
Tower FBT600 FJD600 5~10 1.2~2.4 Applicable for producing coarse and clean dry mortar
FBT1200 FJD1200 10~20 2.4~4.8
FBT2000 FJD2000 20~40 4.8~9.6
FBT3000 FJD3000 30~60 7.2~14.4
FBT4500 FJD4500 40~80 9.6~19.2
Ladder FBJ2000 FJD2000 20~40 4.8~9.6 Applicable for producing coarse and clean dry mortar
FBJ3000 FJD3000 30~60 7.2~14.4
FBJ4500 FJD4500 40~80 9.6~19.2
Station FBZ600 FJD600 5~10 1.2~2.4 Applicable for simple production of dry mortar;
Low cost
FBZ1200 FJD1200 10~20 2.4~4.8
FBZ2000 FJD2000 20~40 4.8~9.6
FBZ3000 FJD3000 30~60 7.2~14.4
FBZ4500 FJD4500 40~80 9.6~19.2
Workshop FBC600 FJD600 5~10 1.2~2.4 Could be installed in standard industrial buildings;
Applicable for producing dry mortar of small quantity and single variety;
Low cost;

As a China professional dry mortar mixing plant manufacturer and supplier, our company can provide a wide range of concrete plants.

Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

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