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Environmental guidelines for setting up stone crushing plant

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Environmental guidelines for setting up stone crushing plant

May 24, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Stone Crushing Industry is an important industrial sector in the State engaged in producing crushed stone which is raw material for various construction activities like construction of Roads, Highways, Bridges, Buildings, Canals, etc. Transportation of stone over long distances adds to cost of the crushed stone products, crushers need to be necessarily located nearer to the demand centers such as Cities, Bridges, Highways, Canals, etc. Stone Crushers also need electricity supply and man power for operation. It also needs access roads for the movement of mined stone as well as crushed stone products.

These stone crushers though socio-economically an important sector, give rise to substantial quantity of fugitive fine dust emissions resulting in to health hazards to the workers as well as surrounding population. The dust also adversely affects visibility, reduces growth of vegetation and hampers aesthetics view of the area. In order to prevent/control these emissions and complains thereof, GPCB decided to come up with the guidelines to be considered for setting up of Stone Crushing Plant in the State, which is as under:

Operational Measures:

a) Provide optimum inclination of crusher discharge chute for smooth falling of material over conveyer belt
b) Improve efficiency of screen by counterweight adjustment over the screen eccentric shaft
c) Reduce spillage from screen hopper to conveyer belts by providing box type arrangement
d) Use screen for separating dust from grit to avoid stone carry over along with girt
f) Segregate small/large size stones manually/mechanically during loading at mines only
g) Suitable exhaust and venting system of adequate capacity to be provided to guide the dust emanating from the crushers in to the the staff through cyclone to collect the dust
h) Suitable safety measures shall be provided to protect workers from the ill effect of dust pollution

Air Pollution Control Measure:

a) Hood for Screening, Classifier and Crusher
b) Cover conveyor belts with semi circular eco friendly sheet.
c) Rotary screen to be completely closed leaving space at bottom for collection of the sieved jelly
d) Considering predominant wind direction, wind breaking wall shall be constructed.
e) Provide dust containment facility at 1) Below crusher discharge area, 2) Vibratory screen and Belt conveyer transfer points
f) Provide dust suppression system (i.e. water spray through nozzles) comprising of 1) A water tank 2) Pump 3) On- line water filter 4) GI pipes with valves and fittings and 5) Water spray nozzles
g) All roads/ vehicle movement areas at the site Plant shall have metal road
h) Regular sprinkling of water shall be ensured on such roads so that no dust is generated due to vehicular movement.
i) Provide water sprinkling system for suppression of dust in the premises
j) Regular cleaning and wetting of ground within premises
k) Adequate plantation all along the periphery of premises
l) The suspended Particulate matter measured between 3 to 10 meters from any process equipment of a stone crushing unit shall not exceed 600 microgram/m3

Maintenance Measure:

a) To clean water tank once in a week.
b) To clean the pump foot valve, discharge connections of the pump once in a week
c) To clean the filter by back washing everyday
d) To change the gasket of the filter once in a six months
e) To check the valve once in a three months
f) To flush the pipe line fitting the nozzle to flush out dirt in the pipelines
g) To clean the nozzles periodically using thin wire

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