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Glass crusher machine for sale

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Glass crusher machine for sale

May 25, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Glass crusher machine info

Glass crusher machine: also known as composite glass crusher, is mainly used broken glass, stones and so on. This series crusher (Glass Breakers) is the composite crushing machine in our company based on the domestic and international crushing technology to optimize the design from the new product, its performance has reached domestic advanced level, for crushing all kinds of hard materials, can be widely used in mining , metallurgy, refractory, cement, coal, glass, ceramics, and electric power industries.

Introduction of composite glass crusher

Introduction of composite glass crusher: crushing ratio; high yield, compared with 1.4 times higher than similar domestic products; efficiency, energy saving; wearing parts of high hardness, high toughness, wear-resistant material for Multi, life expectancy increased by 2-3 times hammer and the gap between the back plate is adjustable to meet a variety of Liaodu conditions. Glass crusher crusher is similar technology at home and abroad, have broken with the hammer impact on the advantages of breaking. The main technical parameters of the optimal design for the development of a new crushing, coarse grinding products, with crushing ratio, energy consumption smooth, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance and so on. Is a true multi-purpose, high efficiency and low cost of new crushing equipments.

Working principle of broken glass

Large piece of glass from the machine into the upper part of the vertical high-speed rotation of the impeller at high speed under the effect of centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella in the form of materials diverted around the impeller produces high-speed impact and crushing, the material after impact each other, will in between the impeller and the casing to form a vortex several times each material impact, friction and grinding, through discharge from the bottom to form a closed loop several times, controlled by the screening equipment to the required product size.

The working characteristics of the glass crusher

(1) simple structure and reasonable operating costs low. Stone by stone at the principle of wear.
(2) crushing rate, energy saving.
(3) has the crushing, coarse grinding function.
(4) The moisture content of materials subject to little effect, moisture content of up to 8%.
(5) shifts the noise below 75 decibels (db level), dust pollution.
(6) suitable for crushing of hard, special hard material.
(7) products into cubes, packing density, iron contamination is minimal.
(8) from the lining of the impeller wear and easy maintenance.

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