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Granite crusher equipment, granite processing plants

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Granite crusher equipment, granite processing plants

May 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Granite crusher equipment is the stone crusher or rock crusher used in granite crushing plant or granite processing quarries. In the granite processing plants, granite crusher is usually used as primary crushing equipment for crushing stage, granite mill can take part in granite grinding industry.

Granite material overview

Granite is a kind of igneous rocks under the surface condenser and the main components are feldspar and quartz. The name of granite is coming from the reason that granite is plutonic rocks often formed a good development, recognizable mineral particles etc. Granite features high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to used as senior building decorations, it can be applied as the materials for outdoor sculpture.

In accordance with the American Society for testing and materials classification, the granite can be divided into ordinary granite and the black granite. Ordinary granit is composed of quartz, feldspar, marble etc. The black granite looks dark green or black is consisting of plagioclase, pyroxene, olivine which is divided into a spot of coarse-grained rock, diabase, basalt etc.

Granite processing plant

Gravity separation (referred to as gravity) is a long history of the beneficiation method. It is based on different mineral particles in ores there exists a density difference (or size difference), by means of fluid force and mechanical force and separate them from each other in a process.

Gravity separation is the use of a variety of mineral density and the differences in the medium speed, and mineral separation process. Gravity separation process in the medium of. As a medium of water, air, heavy liquid and heavy suspension. Using air as medium and other selected method is called wind separation; to heavy liquid and heavy suspension medium mineral called heavy medium separation. In most cases, water is used as medium and other selected.

Categories of granite gravity separation

(1) wash the ore by using mechanical, hydraulic scour, scrub by clay bonding / cementation of the ore, which is shattered, dissociation and slime separation process. It is gravity assisted operation. In the ore containing clay ( 0.074ram ) was higher (more than 10%), often need to wash the ore.

(2) hydraulic classification according to different particle size and density of the ore particles in the medium (usually water ) deposition velocities of different, ore particle group is divided into two or more than two granularity level of the process. It is also gravity assisted operation.

(3) jigging milling using vertical fluctuating medium flow make the particle swarm, and loose density stratification, so that the different density of mineral separation process.

(4) chute ore dressing using flow along the inclined plane to mineral separation process.

Granite crusher and processing equipment

jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher , magnetic separator, belt conveyor , linear vibrating screen , vibrating sieve.

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