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Health and safety and the working environment

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Health and safety and the working environment

June 26, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Health and safety precautions within the mining , quarrying and processing industries are of utmost importance. This is an industry where there are many risks of injury, death or serious health problems occurring if care is not taken. Many developing countries have Regulations which cover health and safety issues within the mining or quarrying industries and any good manager will be well aware of their requirements. It is worth bearing in mind also that legal action can be taken against a company who not comply with the relevant regulations. Below is a summary of some of the common causes of health risk within a milling plant.


The most serious long term health threat from mineral processing is that posed by dust inhalation. During any dry milling process a great deal of dust is produced and it can often be very harmful to breathe, especially over long periods of time. Common ways of reducing dust in the work area are:

• Minimisation of the generation of dust at the source

• Containment of the generated dust and prevention of its dispersal

• Good selection and siting of dust abatement equipment

• Good handling of the collected dust

There are a number of ways of achieving the above but it is beyond the scope of this brief to discuss them in any detail. Where dust reduction methods do not achieve the desired results, personnel working in the area should be provided with respiratory equipment such as dust masks.

machinery protection

Rotating machinery is potentially dangerous and hence safety is very important when people are working near mills. All rotating parts of the machinery which are exposed, and with which people could come into contact, should be guarded. All shafts, belts, chains, wheels, etc., should be protected to avoid accidental contact. All guards should be regularly checked to make sure they are in place and secure. All electrical equipment should also be correctly installed with no loose wires, cables or switchgear.

Training for personnel

All personnel working in the area around the mill should be given proper training to ensure that they are aware of the dangers involved. Such training only takes a short time and can pay great dividends. Health and safety posters are useful as reminders to workers.

Maintenance of machinery

Regular maintenance of machinery is important not only to ensure reliability and to reduce running costs but also to minimise the health and safety risks. Before starting any machine, all moving parts should be inspected to ensure that they will not come loose or fall off during operation. Be sure that the mill is properly at rest and power switched off before carrying out any maintenance work.

Adherence to the health and safety standards

Above all, if the health and safety standards are observed properly, then there is little likelihood of serious problems occurring within the milling plant.

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