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Iron ore crushing circuit in ore mining industry

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Iron ore crushing circuit in ore mining industry

May 23, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

iron ore crushing process in the general use of the feeding machine, the first break, second break, screening, crushing, Dry these procedures, for economic reasons, usually dry machine for ore into finer granularity, including Iron ore is the higher proportion of dry elected. Concentrator directly to the small size of iron ore were broken jaw broken Dry operation, resulting in very serious waste of natural resources.

1 Production of iron ore in the head and broken jaw crusher is generally used in large-scale production units uses gyrating crusher. Jaw Crusher is the most traditional and most reliable coarse crushing equipment ,

2 Production of iron ore crushing process, the selection of the second break there are two types: either a small jaw crusher, cone crusher either.

3 Screening equipment commonly used circular vibrating screen , the second break to complete the screening operations of materials.

4 More types of crushing equipment, generally divided into hammer break (vertical, horizontal), high crushing machine, the roll crusher, short head cone crusher, and the recently developed super-fine crusher Vertical Shaft Impact.

5 Breaking hammer crushing equipment is the most traditional, simple very low value of breaking hammer, using the integral forged hammer, a small processing plant was in heavy use.

6 Efficient Crusher hammer breaking the principles and recommendations are the same, and are based on the material for crushing hammer blow job.

7 On the roll crusher of the material can be effectively broken to millimeters. However, the roller crusher crushing ratio is too small, and its feeding range was greatly restricted.

8 Cone crushing equipment broken then only downside, as is the production and the “fineness” of the conflict.

9 Super-fine crusher Vertical Shaft Impact Impact of iron ore crushing machine is a typical representative, using the strong impact of the crushing principle, an increase of several times the energy of broken material to get a good crushing effect.

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