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Jaw crusher machine, jaw crusher equipment used in crushing plants

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Jaw crusher machine, jaw crusher equipment used in crushing plants

May 27, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

jaw crusher : the work features and machine types

Jaw crusher in mining , building materials, construction department mainly used for crushing machine and crushing machine.

Jaw crusher work part is two jaw plate, one is fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), vertical (or top WaiQing) fixed in the body is former wall, another is activities jaw plate (dynamic jaw), location, and fixed jaw plate tilt formed under the big crushing cavity (small chamber).Activities with the jaws of fixed jaw plate wants to do periodically reciprocating motion, sometimes separate, sometimes approaching.Apart, material into the crushing cavity, finished products; discharged from Close, make into two pieces of material between the jaw plate by extrusion, bend and fracturing effect and broken.

Jaw crusher according to activities jaw plate swinging different ways, can be divided into simple swing jaw crusher (Jane put jaw crusher). Complex swing jaw crusher (pendulum jaw crusher) and comprehensive swing jaw crusher 3 kinds.

Jaw crusher work principle

Dynamic jaw hanging in mind shaft, can make wag, eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod does vertical reciprocating motion.

Drive two thrust board also do reciprocating motion, thus pushing move around reciprocating motion, jaws do realize breakage and discharging.

This crusher adopts crank double linkage mechanism, although still suffer a lot of jaws, and the crushing counterforce partiality axis and connecting force is not big, but more than for industrial made mainframes and medium-sized machine, used in crushing hard materials.

In addition, the crusher work, move each point on the jaw trajectory is centered mandrels arc radius of arc, the distance is equal to point to axis, the top arc small, lower arc big, crushing efficiency is lower than average, the broken for 3-6. Because trajectory simple, therefore calls simple swinging jaw crusher.

Jane put jaw crusher compact structure simple, eccentric shaft transmission parts such as force small; Due to the dynamic jaw vertical displacement is lesser, processing materials is little excessive broken phenomenon, dynamic jaw jaw plate wear small.

Pendulum jaw crusher work principle

Dynamic jaw hanging in eccentric shaft directly at the top, as the crank rod system by eccentric shaft rods, the eccentric drive directly, the lower hinge connecting dynamic jaw thrust board support to wall frame.When eccentric shaft rotates, the dynamic jaw trajectory of each point on the circumference by hanging point line (radius equal eccentricity), gradual downward into the oval, the more the slant to bottom, oval, until the lower and thrust plate junction arc trajectory.Because the machinery of different points on dynamic jaw trajectory of more complex, so called complex swing jaw crusher.

After tilting jaw crusher compared with Jane tilting, its advantage is: quality is lighter, less, more compact structure component, broken lumen filled with degree is good, with materials by uniform broken, to block bottom mandatory move jaw is unloading, launch finished higher, than with specifications productivity of Jane put jaw crusher 20-30% higher than the productivity;Material blocks in the lower have bigger jaws move up and down movement, a cube tumbling to the shape of, reducing the discharged as Jane tilting products that flake composition, product quality is better.

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