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NFLG mining grinding equipment promoting the stone making market development

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NFLG mining grinding equipment promoting the stone making market development

July 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Since the reform and opening up, China has achieved rapid development of stone industry, and stone equipment level will continue to ascend.

Marble and sandstone mines mining : due to the marble and sandstone mines are relatively easy to mining, so early began using mechanized exploitation. In sichuan, shandong province, fujian province area there have been many enterprises began using the diamond wire saw beads of supporting chain saws for mechanized mining boom. Home also started manufacturing diamond wire saw beads etc mining equipment .

Granite mining mining: granite mining mechanization mining difficulty is opposite bigger. In recent years, mainly in fujian production of diamond dise-type mining machine, granite mainly, exploitation of such equipment mainly with diamond disk saw cutting stone material, fragmentation is smaller. Don’t outside, still have a few mines has been successfully applied diamond wire saw beads, most mine exploitation by drilling expansion method, and also some mine exploitation by flame method for extracting. Granite mining development direction is to drill hole machine cut exhaust drilling, expansive agent with pneumatic separation equipment method of separation of exploitation, and finally to the diamond wire saw beads of the mining method direction.

In addition, stone material processing the application field of ceaseless also broaden mines, the stone material after mechanical or manual accelerometers, explosives row blasting separation rock, they could enter crushing equipment (for example jaw crusher , counterattack hydraulic crusher, cone crusher , making pressure-blasting machine etc.) different degree of crushing, finally made artificially sand, sand, or construction of various specifications of construction stone!

In recent years, along with the stone, stone material processing technology and processing machinery progress, stone stone processing enterprise tends to factory automation, information management, high-quality low direction continued development. As a representative of the mining machinery enterprise Shanghai world nation machine Co., LTD, is a strong development and the development time well, the company’s production of stone crusher , stone mill, ball mill ,ore system pressure-blasting machine, mobile crushing station and crawler mobile crusher , YGM high-pressure suspended roller grinding machine, MTM overpressure ladder model mill, SCM ultrafine powder grinding machine, MXB freestyle hem grinding mill , LM vertical mill machine, European trapezoid MTW mill, PFW European impact crusher (counterattack broken), European JC jaw crusher, PE jaw crusher (jaw broken), PF impact crusher, 5X system pressure-blasting machine (manufacture sand machine), new system VSI pressure-blasting machine, CS hydraulic crusher, cone crusher etc various HPC efficient styles, each type of efficient mining machinery, all can in stone, stone material industrial field play a role, for national construction industry and road industry to generate more than a renewal, more broad world!

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