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Performance characteristics comparison between Gyratory crusher and jaw crusher

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Performance characteristics comparison between Gyratory crusher and jaw crusher

May 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The working principle of gyratory crusher is using the gyratory sports in casing cone cavity of crushing cone to produce extrusion, fracturing and bending role to materials. Gyratory crusher is a large crushing machine used for crushing various hardness ore or rock, also called composite crusher. And jaw crusher is widely used in road construction engineering.

Jaw crusher is the first step of crushing production line . It mainly has such features, as big crushing ratio, uniform granularity of product, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost, etc.

So what are their own characteristics of Gyratory crusher and jaw crusher?

1. Gyratory crusher can feed ore materials from any directions. The large Gyratory crusher can be fed by tilting cart directly. It does not need ore storage bin and feeding equipment ; but Jaw crusher need to feed ore uniformly, so it requires ore storage bin and feeding equipment.

2. Gyratory crusher start up easily. When large jaw crusher sart up, it needs to use auxiliary tools to turn the heavy flywheel.

3. Gyratory crusher has larger crushing ratio, product size is homogeneous, less flake products. Jaw crusher has strong capacity, especially suitable for primary crush.

Jaw crusher is the most common and oldest machinery . The followed crushing machine is proper improved product for special need. All of them have their own advantages, but applicable range also has been reduced!

1. Gyratory crusher works continuously, so it works smoothly,oscillation is lighter. It has less influence to base and buildings. Therefore the weight of its infrastructure is smaller, usually it’s 2 ~ 3 times of machine, while the infrastructure of jaw crusher is 5 ~ 10 times of machine weight.

2. Gyratory crusher has crushed and broken off effect for ore, because the compression strength limit of ore is 10 ~ 15 times bigger than it’s bending strength limit, so the energy consumption of Gyratory crusher for crushing 1t ore is 0.5 ~ 1.2 times smaller than that of Jaw crusher with the same feed opening.

3. Gyratory crusher has great deep crushing cavity, it works continuously so its production capacity is higher, twice than Jaw crusher with same width feed opening. Gyratory crusher is suitable for producing end products.

Actually, every crushing machine has itsr own characteristics, as long as the materials fits the machine, it can produce quality products.

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