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Slag crusher, slag crushing plant and slag production line

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Slag crusher, slag crushing plant and slag production line

May 6, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Slag crusher is a stone crusher or rock crusher used for crushing slag in slag recycling industry or slag processing plants in ore mining industry. According to the crushing stage, we can supply you jaw slag crusher, cone slag crusher, impact slag crusher, mobile slag crusher etc. Depending on the grinding process, NFLG can supply you slag ball mill , slag vertical mill , slag trapezium mill etc.

Slag introduction

Slag is a partially vitreous by-product of smelting ore to separate the metal fraction from the unwanted fraction. It can usually be considered to be a mixture of metal oxides and silicon dioxide. However, slags can contain metal sulfides (see also matte) and metal atoms in the elemental form. While slags are generally used as a waste removal mechanism in metal smelting, they can also serve other purposes, such as assisting in the temperature control of the smelting; and also minimizing any re-oxidation of the final liquid metal product before the molten metal is removed from the furnace and used to make solid metal.

Blast furnace slag is a yellow-white round or oval honeycomb crystal, the proportion of small, low hardness. Their chemical compositions are listed in table 2.94. Antimony antimony furnace slag furnace slag phase is mainly quartz and quartz.

Slag application

Slag is also mixed with materials for making roadways, used as ballast on trains and large trucks, and is also applied as phosphate fertilizer. When used as fertilizer, the slag is ground very fine before being spread, and it slowly time releases nutrients because it takes a long time to break down.

Chemical treatment and utilization of solid waste technology chemical solid waste sort is various, complex composition, management methods and comprehensive utilization technique of varied, should have caught mainly has a large quantity of waste management and comprehensive utilization.

Slag crusher machine for sale

Slag Crusher Machine is used for crushing Slag in the Slag breaking processing. The Slag crushing plant is designed because Slag crushing is always a common but low efficient process. Welcome to NFLG – Professional Slag Crusher Supplier.
As we all know, Slag is a byproduct while metal smelting, and hundreds of tons of slags are produced on the earth each day during the processing of refining metals , nonmetals and making alloys. Like similar industrial waste or byproducts, slag actually has many uses, and rarely goes to waste.
Slag appears in concrete process, aggregate road materials processing, as ballast, and is sometimes used as part of phosphate fertilizer. Slags are also referred to as cinder, in reason for its dark and crumbly appearance.

General water slag treatment process is water slag powder recycling process, needs to use the equipment of LM vertical milling machine, strike back type milling machine and Raymond mill , Shanghai sebang R & D LM vertical mill to obtain more than 20 national patents, exports more than 150 countries, and in the treatment of water slag equipment market share among the forefront of domestic, is a trustworthy water slag processing equipment manufacturing enterprises

Slag production line

The production process of the slag production line can be included as : (storage) -> vibrating feeder -> jaw crusher -> impact crusher ->vibrating screen ->final products .And all of the equipments are connected by the belt conveyor and chutes . The production process of the sand-making production line can be included as : (storage) ->vibrating feeder ->jaw crusher -> grinding mill -> vibrating screen ->final products .And all of the equipments are connected by the belt conveyor and chutes .

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