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Slag powder processing equipment used in slag recycling industry

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Slag powder processing equipment used in slag recycling industry

May 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

NFLG vertical mill and trapezium grinder mill are kinds of energy-saving grinding machines used common in the slag powder processing plants. They are suitable for grinding granulated blast furnace slag with feeding size not exceeding 7mm and 8% roller diameter is appropriate.

The selection of the main equipment in slag powder processing plants

According to the performance of grinding materials, equipments efficiency, we can divide slag powder grinding machines into three types for selection.

1. trapezium mill is a kind of energy-saving grinding equipment in slag grinding process. It takes significant yield increasing effect of energy saving by cement industry pays close attention to generally. Its working principle can be generalized for “high pressure material layer grinding”.
2. Vertical mill (also known as the vertical roller mill) is a suitable hardness material or material grind ability larger differences, material circulation volume, low noise, high operation rate.
3. Pre-grinding slag powder mill.

According to the proposed ground granulated blast furnace slag in the project, considering the project total investment cost, energy consumption in production, product quality, production cost, operation difficulty and many other factors, using roller mill grinding system is suitable for the terminal.

Slag Micro-Powder grinding mill

The appearances and particle size distribution of slag micro-powder produced by ball mill and vertical mill were researched with scanning electron microscope and laser particle size analyzer. T11e results showed that the sphericity of small parties was better than the big ones and ball milling slag was somewhat better than the vertical milling.

The values of so were accordance with the specific surface areas of slag micro-powder. The vertical milling product had more narrow size distribution. The particle size distribution curve of Cement had a great difference from Fuller curve.

The advantages of water slag micro powder

(1) Blast furnace slag powder concrete slump can meet a variety of performance concrete requirements, high volume of concrete grout, concrete workability, and cohesion and segregation resistance performance;
(2) Blast furnace slag powder concrete strength grade of the concrete strength of all meet the design requirements, and has high rich;
(3) Blast furnace slag powder concrete can be added into the 20 – 50% of the blast furnace slag powder, conversion per cubic meter of concrete can save cost 10, 20 yuan, economic benefits is obvious;
(4) The concrete mixed with fine powder of blast furnace slag at the same time, does not need to reduce the amount of fly ash;
(5) With high slag powder concrete has good sulfate resistance, resistance to chloride ion erosion, is favorable for improving the concrete durability. In short, fine powder of blast furnace slag of blast furnace slag as the waste utilization.

Slag powder processing equipment

Slag powder processing equipment is used widely in slag processing industry including slag powder crusher or slag crushers for primary crushing, slag powder mill or slag grinder mills used for grinding slag materials, slag optional equipments for feeding and screening slag, slag mobile crusher etc.
In recent years, slag mobile crusher is the most common applied crushing equipment in slag recycling industry. NFLG can supply you many types of slag mobile crusher such as jaw mobile crusher, cone mobile crusher, impact mobile crusher, crawler type mobile crusher etc.

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