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The ideal jaw crusher to suit your needs

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The ideal jaw crusher to suit your needs

May 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Selecting the jaw crusher

The choice of jaw crusher depends primarily on the feed material size and the amount to be crushed. With its compact space-saving design, Model BB 51 is often used in laboratories for pre-crushing small amounts of sample with a large feed size.

Series BB 100, BB 200 and BB 300 Jaw crushers are mainly used for pre-crushing hard, brittle products with a degree of hardness >3 on the Mohs’ scale. BB 100 and BB 200 are particularly suitable for standard size reductions, e.g. of minerals, ores and fossil fuels.

Models BB 200 and BB 300 jaw crushers are also suitable for size reduction in process plant, e.g. when included in a sampling station.

Tips for perfect results

■ Material which is difficult to crush (e.g. iron alloys or ores) or materials with unknown crushing properties and large feed sizes should not be immediately crushed with the smallest gap width setting. It should first be pre-crushed with a larger gap width.
■ Soft or medium-hard minerals tend to clump in the crushing chamber as a result of the crushing mechanism.
■ Bituminous construction materials can be crushed without any problems if they are first embrittled with liquid nitrogen.

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