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Track Crusher Plant Features

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Track Crusher Plant Features

June 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Belt feeder – Feeding the materials into the cone crusher is a belt feeder. Contained under the loading area are impact rollers for loading shock absorption while the heavy-duty feeder belt feeds the cone via a hydraulic variable speed drive motor. Fitted into the conveyor is a metal detector to protect the cone from tramp metal.

Feed Hopper – The feed hopper is manufactured from Hardox 400.

Track Frame – The track is manufactured from heavy-duty frame steel having 3.8m longitudinal centres along with 400 wide tracks as a standard with an overall track width of 2.8m.

Forward Product Conveyor – The forward product conveyor or main conveyor is a 1200mm wide, troughed belt conveyor with a fixed tail section and a discharge height of 3.2m high. The belt is driven via a hydraulic drive motor.

Product Transfer Chute – Fitted beneath the cone is the product transfer chute. This chute transfers the material passing the cone setting onto the forward product conveyor.

Cone crusher – Striker is able to produce a machine with a unique combination of providing higher capacity and superior product quality. With proven revolutionary designs, the cones provide unbeatable performance on secondary, tertiary and quaternary applications and help achieve the highest possible levels of profitability. The cone offers the highest capacities for their size in the industry.

Technology allows the ability to operate at a fixed mechanical setting – instead of the head floating on a column of hydraulic oil – creates less drift and provides more stability throughout the circuit. These series of cone crushers enable the customer to produce a finer product with fewer crushing stages, lowering the capital costs and the amount of waste and also energy.

The cone offers such features dual-acting hydraulic tramp release cylinders, large clearing stroke, self-tightening helix on the upper section of the bowl liner and self-tightening lock bolts on the mantle. Hydraulic motors rotate the bowl for fine control setting adjustments with high performance, non contacting labyrinth seals providing high reliability by keeping out dust without wearing out.

There is excellent wear protection for all components on the crusher. The head ball, mainframe seat liners, mainframe pin bushings, countershaft box frame ring, counterweight guard, mainframe liners and dead-bed feed hopper are all replaceable items, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Track Plant Options – Special features are available depending on the client’s requirements. Engine fire suppression, dust suppression, optimax feed controller.

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