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VSI Crusher Machine, VSI Crusher for Sale, Vertical shaft impact crusher

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VSI Crusher Machine, VSI Crusher for Sale, Vertical shaft impact crusher

July 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

VSI Crusher Machine Overview

VSI crusher, or vertical shaft impact crusher , is a kind sand making equipment aims to produce artifical sand, manufactured sand. NFLG B series VSI crusher is of high efficiency and high performance crusher, low in maintenance and low operating cost.

Our high proficiency VSI crusher is designed and manufactured to produce fine quality sand with high productivity output. The final product is of cubical shape with grounded edges, which is widely used in concrete, building, construction.

We have developed a VSI Crusher having capacity 30 Tons per hour to250 tons per hour, with a feed size up to 40 mm to 100 mm. Generally the grit below 6 mm size for Rotopactor is not available in ample quantity. To supply grit below 6mm, above 30 tons per hour capacity VSI crusher machine can be used for making grit. It produces about 50% of metal of 20mm size and 50% grit. 20 mm Metal is also having good demand. This avoides producing unnecessary slow moving metal (below 12mm etc).The stone crusher can be set for 40 mm opening,so more production can be achieved from 16X10 crusher or bigger size. This 40 mm from jaw crusher can be recrushed in our VSI Crusher and reduced to 20 mm cubical metal and remaing below 12 mm can be fed to Rotopactor for converting in sand.

The Jaw crushers are generally used for crushing stone to make metal for concreting work. The capacity of the jaw crushers is the factor of RPM and the size of the crusher. Demand for different sizes of crushed product differs from time to time. For example, when a major new road is built, demand will differ greatly from the time when normal building construction or road maintenance is carried out. The worst situation is that it is not possible to sell all fractions that are produced. These must be either be sold at low prices or stocked in a dump pile with an environmental impact. Even a small per cent of surplus production will soon cause expensive problem. This material has been expensive to produce. The cost of drilling, blasting, transportation, etc are same as for the prime material. Much can be gained if the right amount of material could be produced to meet the actual demand, and also accommodate changing demand.

Advantage of VSI Crusher

For crushing bigger size metal, Jaw crusher should run at lower rpm. The main drawback is when the crusher is set for bigger size the finer crushed product is more flaky. (Read the advantage of Cubical metal over flaky metal) For getting cubical crushed product VSI crusher should be used as secondary crusher. Thus we can reduce the crushing ratio, so product is more cubical.First crushing the big rock to 40 mm size, and then again crushing it in VSI can give better quality of crushing. The fines can be reduced in VSI crusher. With this arrangement there is no unwanted material produced, the crushed material is only as per the demand, and other unwanted material is reduced to Sand. There for all the material can be sold out immediately, with out stocking it in piles. The production of prime material is also increased. In general a 20X12 crusher gives a out put of 20 tons per hour, Out of this only 35% is 20mm metal ( having more demand). Remaining is unwanted material. With VSI crusher in series, 20 mm metal can be increased to 60 %. This gives a substantial reduction in unwanted material. Automatically there is saving in power lost in crushing.

One jaw crusher of 20X12 size and one VSI crusher can give more production than four Jaw crusher of 20X12 models, with a saving in overall cost of installation, and also saving in power.In addition the produced material is having very good cubical shape. V.S.I crushers are the best substitute for Jaw crushers for finer crushing. Crushed Product in V.S.I. crusher is cubical compared to Jaw crusher. The main draw back of Jaw crusher is when the jaws of the crusher are worn out, the crushed product is more flaky. The V.S.I crusher excels at meeting today’s specification sand production need. Complete cubical shape of the crushed product, gradation control, and high production yield per hp can be achieved. Variable production versatility can be achieved in making fine to coarse material. V.S.I. Crushers are unbeatable in making a consistence cubicle particle shape.

In Jaw crusher the crushing is due to compression and mainly by cleavage fracture. Cleavage fracture occurs when the energy applied is just sufficient to load comparatively few regions of the particle to the VSI Crusher : fracture point. Some aggregates is highly planner, and when energy is releasedalong these planes a flatter product is produced. There is more wear of the liners. In VSI crusher crushing is due to impact. The stone is accelerated in a rotor. This material strikes on anvil sector, and gets shattered in uniform particles of more cubical shape. This reduces the power required for crushing. The jaw crushers or cone crushers can take larger feed size.

The feed material enters the machine through the feed tube, of the rotor. The material is thrown at a vigorous speed, due to centrifugal force, and the material strikes on the anvil sectors or the material previously accelerated. The residual kinetic energy of the material is utilized for making better surface texture. Thus full utilizing of the energy. It allows lower H.P. required with less wear, and gives high production yield.

Due to patented geometric design of the crushing chamber, the surface texture of the crushed product is much better, and requires less R.P.M. of the Rotor.

A special designed Rotor, gives a very long wear life. Stone lining is formed on the wearing surface by stone, reduces the wear cost. A specially designed wear tip (patented), gives four times more life, then the tip plates used in other make.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Application

The vertical crusher is multifunctional, because it can work as a sand making machine , also as a sand shaping machine. PCL VSI vertical crusher manufacturer of NFLG Company make sure the high quality of end products, so the sand making machine plays an important role in crushing minerals into pieces of the whole mining industry.

PCL VSI Vertical Crusher is widely used in most kinds of minerals, carborundum, cement, refractory material, construction sand, glass raw material, stone stock and all kinds of metallurgy slag, especially carborundum, sintered bauxite, magnetite, such materials are with features of very hard and anticorrosion. In addition, it is more productive than other kinds of crushers due to its function and structure.

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