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Hardness: 2

Composition: CaSO4-2(H2O), Hydrated Calcium Sulfate

Special quality: white, colorless or gray

Place of origin: northeast china

Functional use: Gypsum mine is used in the manufacture of plaster, wall board, some cements, fertilizer, paint filler, ornamental stone, etc. NFLG can provide you with many gypsum crusher machines.

Gypsum mining equipments

Gypsum mining equipment is the mining equipment NFLG provide for gypsum solution. Since the day NFLG was founded, we kept ourselves into mining equipment developing and improving. Of all our gypsum mining equipments, gypsum mining equipments has excellent performance and is welcomed by our customers. NFLG gypsum mining equipment to process gypsum includes jaw gypsum crusher, cone gypsum crusher, impact gypsum crusher, roller gypsum crusher, hammer gypsum crusher, trapezium gypsum grinding mill, vertical gypsum grinding mill, Raymond gypsum mill and so on. For these gypsum mining machines, we will give your best products with perfect services.

Gypsum crusher

NFLG gypsum crusher has excellent performance in gypsum crushing and provides professional gypsum crushing solution. NFLG gypsum crusher does well in gypsum crushing and is welcomed by our customers. NFLG gypsum crusher is featured with high quality, high capacity, high efficiency, long service time and less down time. NFLG has developed gypsum crusher for several decades. NFLG gypsum crusher has five series: mobile gypsum crusher, jaw gypsum crusher, impact gypsum crusher, cone gypsum crusher and vertical shaft impact gypsum crusher.

Introduction to Gypsum Mine

Gypsum is also called plaster. The gypsum mine is the main raw material to produce gypsum binder and gypsum building products and the retarder of portland cement. After calcining under 600~800°C and adding little catalyst ( such as lime ), we can levigate the whole mixture and get anhydrite binder which is also called Kim Binder. After calcining under 900~1000°C and levigating, we can get calcined gypsum. We can use both the plasters in the production and the strength is higher than the usual building gypsum products. Plaster of paris has better wear resistance and water resistance.

In civil engineering, the gypsum mine can be used in Interior plastering, painting, architecture and decoration products and gypsum board. With the development of cement industry and the increase of gypsum requirement, market demand to construction gypsum and gypsum building products has promoted the rapid development of gypsum mining.

Gypsum Mine Application in industry

  • Gypsum Application in the construction and building materials Industry : The plaster raw materials mainly include raw gypsum, chemical gypsum, anhydrite. Among these, the gypsum usually refers to natural gypsum, also known as soft plaster and is the main raw material in construction gypsum production. The chemical plaster is often used in Phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer production while the anhydrite is usually used to produce construction gypsum products or additives which is different from the raw gypsum mine.
  • Gypsum Application in Cement Industry: The grinding plaster can be used as portland cement retarder, cement batching, anhydrite cement production, gypsum slag cement production and gypsum bauxite expansion cement production, etc.
  • Gypsum Application in chemical industry: The gypsum can be used to produce sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate fertilizer, etc.
    Usage in agriculture : For fertilizer, pesticide production and soil improvement, crushed gypsum is widely applied.
  • Other uses: What’s more, the grinding plaster can also be used in packing paints, rubber, plastics, textiles, paper, chalk, toothpaste, cosmetics. In food, arts and crafts,etc. gypsum has a wide range of applications.

Case Introduction

Photoelectric separation is a sorting method which uses the light difference between gypsum mine and gangue according to the photoelectric effect principle. When needing high-quality ore dressing, the method of photoelectric separation can be used to purify mineral.

β-plaster production craft flow is usually as follows:

ore storage→crushing and grinding →Homogenization→Calcination and dehydration→Aging→Grinding and mixing→Package. Pay attention that do first grinding before calcine while using wok.

Raw gypsum dry calcining process is as follows : After being shipped from the mining site, the raw gypsum mine should be first through storage and selection, and then enter into the follow process to ensure continuous and stable quality feed. From the vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher, the gypsum quarry is feeded and crushed to less than 8cm. Then through the secondary gypsum crushing, such as impact crusher, cone crusher,etc. the mineral is crushed to less than 2cm. The end products will be transported to calcining kiln through bucket elevator. We can chanage the temperature of the calcining kiln to produce β-type hemihydrate gypsum, anhydrite and over gypsum.

α-wet calcining process and the process is generally as follows : Gypsum raw material warehouse→vibrating screen→Autoclave autoclaved and dried→crushing and grinding→Homogenization and storage→ mixing of a-plaster and β-plaster→package and transportation.

NFLG gypsum mining equipment features

  • High quality. NFLG applies advanced technology in gypsum mining equipment producing.
  • High capacity. NFLG mining equipment is designed with the best structure which ensures the high capacity.
  • Long service time. NFLG gypsum mining equipment is produced with strong and the best materials.
  • Self-protecting system. NFLG gypsum crusher is equipped with self-protecting devices to protect when overloading.
  • Professional service. For each NFLG gypsum mining equipment, NFLG has the professional team for you to solve any problems you meet.
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