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Hardness: 2

Composition: CdSO4, Cd(NO3)2, CdCl2, AlCl3

Special quality: soft, malleable, ductile, bluish-white

Functional use: 86% of all the cadmium is used in batteries, predominantly in rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. Nickel-cadmium cells have a nominal cell potential of 1.2 V.

Cadmium mining and cadmium ore crusher

Cadmium mining is especially more widely distributed in Asia. Cadmium is a soft, malleable, ductile, bluish-white bivalent metal. Cadmium is similar in many respects to zinc but forms complex compounds. But cadmium ore is not soft, so cadmium ore can be crushed by crushers and grinding mills. Cadmium occurs as a minor component in most zinc ores and therefore is a byproduct of zinc production. So the production of cadmium is also the process of zinc production and the crushing of cadmium ore is the crushing process of zinc ore. And cadmium also comes from lead production, so lead ore crushing may be the production of cadmium ore crushing.

Cadmium ore crushers and cadmium mills are often used in the process of zinc ore and lead ore crushing. In Asia, cadmium mining crushers are widely used in the mining of zinc and lead. Cadmium was used for a long time as a pigment and for corrosion resistant plating on steel. Cadmium compounds were used to stabilize plastic.So cadmium crushers and cadmium mills are necessary to many industries. For cadmium is toxic, making sure the cadmium mining crushing and other process are safe is important.

Typical Crushing Processes of Cadmium Ore

Cadmium is mainly a byproduct of the production of zinc metal from sulfide ore concentrates. So typical cadmium ore crushing is also the crushing of zinc ores. The mined zinc ores are crushed and ground by cadmium ore crushers and cadmium mills to liberate the zinc sulfide particles from the waste host rock. The ground ore is usually treated by a differential flotation process to separate the zinc-bearing particles from the waste rock, yielding a high-grade zinc concentrate and waste tailings. The crushing of zinc ores is the same to other rocks crushing. The primary of cadmium ore can be completed by jaw crusher or JC series jaw crusher. And then the impact crusher or cone crusher can finely crush the cadmium ore. NFLG will also supply mobile crusher for cadmium crushing, which can provide convenience for the cadmium mining crushing. Grinding mills including ball mill, raymond mill, T series mill and other mills can act as the grinding machine of cadmium ore. NFLG cadmium crushing plant can make sure the efficient crushing of the cadmium crushing.

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