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Linear Screen

Linear Screen

Linear Screen

  • Location: Henan, China
  • Model: ZS2264
  • Startup: 2017
  • Equipment highlights: Stable performance, energy saving, convenient transition.

Linear Screen

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG linear screen adopts the maintenance-free design of vibrating motor as the excitation source. Up to 6 layers of screens can be set up. A single linear screen can meet customers’ multiple grading screening needs, which is mainly suitable for quarry sand Stone, sand making and shaping equipment and aggregate sieving of asphalt mixing station.

  • Convenient disassembly and assembly, low energy consumption and high output.
  • Fully-sealed structure design, no dust overflow, green and environmental protection.


Linear Screen (for shaping sand making)
Model ZS2052F.0 ZS2264S.0 ZS2468C.0
Rated output(tph) 240 320 400
Grading size(mm) 3—40
Working amplitude(mm) 5—7
Vibration frequency(HZ) 16
Driving power(kW) 2×8.4 2×13.5 2×18
The number of screen layers 5 6
External dimensions L×W×H(mm) 6395×2640×3250 8100×3045×3865 8095×3065×3810
Weight (t) 12.5 17.5 20.7
Linear Screen (for asphalt mixing designt)
Model ZS1635B.0 ZS1740B.0 ZS2052E.0 ZS2264H.0 ZS2468D.0
Rated output(tph) 120 160 240 320 400
Grading size(mm) 3-40
Working amplitude(mm) 5—7
Vibration frequency(HZ) 16
Driving power(kW) 2×3.6 2×6.2 2×8.4 2×13.5 2×18
The number of screen layers 4 5 6
External dimensions L×W×H(mm) 4580×2300×2485 5220×2620×2565 6395×2640×3250 7760×2825×3865 8095×3015×3805
Weight (t) 6.3 8.4 12.6 17.6 20.9


The maintenance-free design using a vibration motor as the excitation source can ensure long-term and efficient work of the linear screen, with a simple structure and basically maintenance-free.


The screen body is connected with high-strength Hook bolts, without welding, and the structure is reliable and durable.


The screening angle is good to ensure the screening efficiency and improve the processing capacity of the linear screen.

Meet a variety of needs.

Multi-layer screen set, a single linear screen can meet customers' multiple grading screening needs.


Large access doors are arranged on the front and back of the screen box, which is convenient for installation and replacement of the screen.

No screening required

Asphalt linear screen is specially equipped with a bypass door structure. When the raw material does not need to be screened, it directly enters the next process.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The linear screen used in the asphalt mixing station can withstand the temperature of aggregate up to 300℃, which is suitable for the occasions where the temperature of aggregates such as asphalt is high.

No cleanup

Linear screens for sand making and aggregate shaping are equipped with a net cleaning device, which is basically free of net cleaning.