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Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

  • Location: China
  • Model: GC300S+GC500S
  • Startup: 2020
  • Equipment highlights: In the crushing of hard ore, cobblestones, construction waste has a unique advantage. A variety of standard crushing chamber types, fully meet the production needs of crushing.

Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for the company independent research and development, with superior performance、simple operation、convenient maintenance、 stable running、crushing finished products are of good quality and low operation cost, the hard ore, pebbles, construction waste materials such as crushing area has unique advantage, can fully meet the production requirements of crushing.

  • The crusher keeps filling with feeding materials in operation, automatically compensates the lining board wear, improves the operating efficiency of the equipment, and minimizes the unit production cost.
  • Equipment structure is simple, one-button operation. Maintenance is more convenient and maintenance cost is reduced.


Model GC300S GC500S
Motor(kW) 132-250kW 200-355kW
Maximum feed(mm) 320mm 400mm
Production(t/h) 180-530t/h 300-870t/h
Basic configuration weight(kg) 16,250kg 33,350kg
Crusher width(mm) 2330mm 2770mm
Crusher height(mm) 2545mm 3225mm
Regulating device Hydraulic cylinder

Design of positive pressure dustproof sealing structure

The movable cone and the frame adopt positive pressure gas sealing structure, the internal pressure of the movable cone cavity is always higher than the external pressure, to prevent dust pollution of the lubricating oil, damage the bearing, and ensure the stability and reliability of the system.

Optimum design of crushing chamber

Using the lamination crushing principle, the crushing efficiency is higher, the finished product grain shape is better, the liner board service life is longer.

Aviation grade oil seal

The sealing of oil cylinder adopts aviation oil seal to ensure the reliability and durability of sealing.

Framework optimization design

Mechanical analysis and optimization of the overall solid cast steel frame, can withstand high strength, high load of crushing.

The transmission system

Spiral bevel gear transmission is stable, high efficiency, low noise and strong bearing capacity.

Integrated design of hydraulic and lubricating units

Save space for equipment installation. High pressure hydraulic system, ensure the normal operation of equipment pressure margin, improve the reliability of the hydraulic system.