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Tracked Mobile Impact Crusher

Tracked Mobile Impact Crusher

NFLG tracked mobile impact crusher is applied in Jilin, China

  • Location: Jilin, China
  • Model: NFI1111RS+NFS350
  • Startup: 2018
  • Equipment highlights: High production efficiency, and environmental protection

Tracked Mobile Impact Crusher

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG tracked mobile impact crusher, using all diesel engine power, hydraulic drive technology, the main core parts: engine (caterpillar), hydraulic, bearing, valve group is fully imported brand. The equipment mainly deals with materials with low compressive strength such as limestone and construction solid waste. In different uses to be able to flexibly combination and matching, reduce operating costs, improve equipment utilization. During the design process, dust emission points are considered, and a water spray system is set to reduce dust emission and ensure efficient and environmentally friendly production.

  • Use the international first-class brand caterpillar engine, strong power, efficient and stable performance, easy to maintain and clean.
  • The core components adopt international first-tier brands such as Linde, Eaton of the United States, and IFM of Germany. The imported components of the whole machine occupy more than 78%, and the quality is more guaranteed.


Model NFI 1111 NFI 1111RS NFI 1313 NFI 1313RS
Scope of application Primary and secondary crushing for aggregate treatment, solid waste treatment, mining, etc.
Crusher model IH1111 IH1313
Maximum feed size(mm) 450 560
Inlet size(mm) 800×1130 850×1238
Driving mode Clutch direct drive Direct drive of hydraulic coupling
Crusher speed(rpm) 606-740 350-600
Engine type/power(kW) CAT C9/242 CAT C13/328
Pre-screening configuration Integrated pre-screening Independent pre-screening
Maximum throughput(tph) 320 425
Weight (t) (excluding iron remover) 32.8 41.4 49 59
Transportation dimension L×W×H(m) 14.5×2.6×3.5 16.3×3.1×3.5 14.7×3.0×3.8 17.3×3.2×3.8

Receiving hopper

Hydraulically folded hopper plate; High wear resistant steel plate.

Feeder with grid section

Through the variable speed control feeder, raw materials are continuously fed to the crusher. Double layer vibrating feeder, effectively screen fine materials and impurities. The top layer is a heavy duty vibrating grate, and the bottom layer is a mesh screen or rubber plate. The raw materials under the sieve can be selectively transported to the main belt conveyor or side belt conveyor through the hopper. Improve crushing feeding effect, reduce blocking and overflow. The mesh is easy to replace.


The main feeding port is large, with multi-layer dustproof chain curtain, which reduces the dust on site. The main engine speed is adjustable, with excellent crushing effect. Anti twine design of main rotor structure. The plate hammer adopts wedge block locking structure, which is easy to replace and maintain. Hydraulic auxiliary adjustment counterattack plate, easy to adjust.

Chassis feeder

Vibration feeder is installed under the crusher main machine to assist discharging and reduce blockage. Wear-resistant liner is used to prolong the service life. Strong transport capacity for viscous materials.

Control system

Double deck cabinet body, dustproof and waterproof. Humanized interface, one-key stop/start function, simple operation.

Main belt conveyor

High strength scraper is installed at the head drum; Equipped with water spraying device to control dust.

Fine material belt conveyor & sieve box(for RS series only)

Sieve box and fine material belt conveyor can be disassembled quickly to adapt to more working conditions (NFI1313RS only); Screen tilting Angle can be adjusted between 17°-25°.

Transfer belt conveyor & return belt conveyor(RS series only)

Herringbone belt, prevent overflow. It can be folded hydraulically during transportation.

Magnetic separator(optional)

High sorting capacity iron remover, automatic removal of metal impurities, protection of subordinate equipment.


Easy to maintenance and clean. Evenly distributed weight ensures excellent performance.


Using a sturdy tracked chassis, can work in harsh conditions.