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GLBR Integrated Asphalt Mixing Plant

GLBR Integrated Asphalt Mixing Plant

GLBR Integrated Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Location: Tianjin, China
  • Model: GLBR4000
  • Startup: 2019
  • Equipment highlights: Energy conservation, consumption reduction, high standards of environmental emissions.

GLBR Integrated Asphalt Mixing Plant

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG integrated asphalt mixing plant is a new type of plant with hot RAP in-house production. It is improved on the basis of traditional independent plant and RAP structure which can accomplish the excellent asphalt mix with RAP. Compared with traditional structure, it is easier to mount more additive scales, for example, RAP cold-add, anti-rutting agent, wood fiber, burton asphalt, colored asphalt and so on, to achieve multi-function in one unit for one good commercial asphalt mix in urban area.

  • New concept design, no additional chute needed, lower height, higher production efficiency.
  • Good sealing, better environmental-friendly.


Model GLBR2000 GLBR3000 GLBR4000 GLBR5000
Rated output 160t/h 240t/h 320t/h 400t/h
Cold bin 5×15 m³ 5×15 m³ 6×15 m³ 6×15 m³
Screen layers 5 layers 5 layers 6 layers 6 layers
Mixer 3000kg 4000kg 5000kg 6000kg
Capacity of finished product silo A 15m³+15m³ 22m³+22m³ 30m³+30m³ 30m³+30m³
Capacity of finished product silo B (22m³+22m³)×2 (30m³+30m³)×2 (30m³+30m³)×2
Capacity of waste product silo 4m³ 4m³ 4m³ 4m³
Standard land area 35m*50m 45m*50m 46m*51m 49m*51m
Standard installed power 670kW 883kW 1068kw 1266kW

Optimized structure

Reduce installation time

Integrated design with the new and RAP fully complied. Modular design for quick assembly, 50% less work than tradition (the new-asphalt and RAP is separated, it needs to install the new-asphalt before RAP).

Larger working space

Expansion is practical and convenient

More working space provides the more flexibility to maintain several scales (burton rock, colored agent, anti-rutting agent, wood fiber, foam generator, RAP cold-add) at the same time. While the traditional plant is only equipped with one platform at the new-asphalt structure, less space to maintain the extra scales, difficult for expansion and inconvenient use.

Mixing system

Bigger mixer, higher efficiency

Equipped with bigger mixer to offset the longer working time consumed by the input and mixing of RAP, additives and modified asphalt which is deemed to decrease whole capacity. Take mixing volume to compensate the mixing duration.

No additional chute for RAP

quick production with less energy consumption

Relocate the mixer to liberate RAP from additional chute to eliminate the problem of blocking. RAP unloading is 50% faster than the traditional which is more feasible for RAP quick production.

Lower height with

more reliable maintenance

The height is less 3-5meters than the traditional ones. With passageway between screener and dryer, it is easier to have maintenance work.