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LB2000K Fast-handling Asphalt Mixing Plant

LB2000K Fast-handling Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Location: Pekanbaru, Indonesia
  • Model: LBK2000
  • Startup: 2018
  • Equipment highlights: Land saving, rapid relocation, efficient production

LB2000K Fast-handling Asphalt Mixing Plant

Introduction& Advantages

The new generation of LBK2000 series products independently developed by NFLG can realize frequent relocation and adapt to the working conditions of rapid relocation and installation of construction sites. It is mainly for overseas markets and domestic small-scale new repair and maintenance asphalt markets.

  • Integrated design of main building components, easy to install and relocate quickly.
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection.


Model LB2000K
Rated output 160t/h
Cold bin 5x10m³
Screen layers 5 layers
Mixer 2000kg
Installation time 7 working days
Installed power 415kW

Integrated design

saving space and quickly installation

The ladder and aggregate elevator are integrated. And the design of dust collector placed above the drum is integrated with the fume, which saves space and is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

Centralized wiring of electrical components

no need for on-site hoisting, shorten installation cycle

Centralized wiring of electrical components can realize quick connection between modules, without lifting on site, and shorten installation time.

Steel structure foundation

save process and put into production quickly

The whole plant adopts steel structure foundation, and the ground can be compacted and leveled according to the bearing requirements, so as to avoid the need of re-excavation of foundation and other processes for equipment relocation, which will save the installation cycle and put into production quickly.

Main building handrail socket type

no need to dismantle and move quickly

The handrail of the main building adopts the socket type, which is installed in place at one time, and is folded directly for relocation without disassembly. Compared with the traditional bolt butt type, it can realize rapid relocation and efficient installation.

Bitumen electric heating system (optional)

fast and uniform heating to save electric energy

With the module design, the tank can be connected quickly, heated evenly and with good insulation. It will avoid coking, deterioration and carbonization caused by over temperature of heating materials, which is effectively reducing energy consumption.