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NFLG Modular Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

NFLG Modular Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

NFLG modular stabilized soil mixing plant is applied in Beijing, China

  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Model: NWCB600
  • Startup: 2018
  • Equipment highlights: The operation is simple and the economic benefit is high

NFLG Modular Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG modular stabilized soil mixing plant uses a professional microcomputer control system with stable performance and reliable quality. It is suitable for the construction of sub-bases of highways, airports and railways of any grade.

  • Adopt compact design concept, reasonable layout, less space occupied.Simple operation, convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • It has strong adaptability to materials, many gradation types, high reliability and high measurement accuracy.


Model NWCB500 NWCB600 NWCB800 NWCB500 Dual mixer NWCB600 Dual mixe NWCB800 Dual mixe
Rated output(t/h) 500 600 800 500 600 800
Capacity of powder silo(m³) 4 4 4 4 4 4
Capacity of finished product silo (m³) 7 7 10 7 7 10
Aggregate size(mm) ≤60
Accuracy (%) aggregate ±2%
Accuracy (%) cement ±0.5%
Accuracy (%) water ±1%
Length of mixer inner wall(mm) 3700 mm 3700 mm 4020 mm 3700 mm 3700 mm 4020 mm
The weight(Kg) 35 38 44 49 51 53

Metering system

precise and stable quality

The measurement system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, electronic speed measurement and high-precision sensors. The measurement speed is fast, and the accuracy can reach the accuracy requirements of aggregate ±2% and cement ±0.5%, to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Control system

high degree of intelligence and easy operation

With automatic adjustment compensation, automatic alarm function. The total output and the mix proportion of various materials can be set, and the increase and decrease of the output can be operated by one key. Various materials will be automatically adjusted according to the set proportional relationship, and the operation is very convenient.

Mixing system

durable and reliable

Adopt double horizontal shaft forced stirring without liner to solve the trouble of frequent replacement of liner, and reduce the abrasion of the stirring blade, prolong the service life. Lengthen the mixing cylinder to ensure the uniformity of the mixing and the quality of the finished product.

Conveying system

stable and reliable, high efficiency

Finished material conveying adopts advanced flat belt conveyor with simple structure, easy maintenance, stable and reliable operation and high efficiency.

Water supply system

remote control very convenient

Controlled by frequency conversion pump, the operator can complete water flow control in the control room.

Silo system

scientific arrangement and strong adaptability

Increase the capacity of the aggregate bin, the loading of the loader is more convenient. The bin is arranged in the form of building blocks, which can meet the needs of different gradations. In addition, there are fly ash bins and lime bins with arch-breaking functions as one choice to meet the grading requirements of lime-fly ash stabilized aggregate.

Demand customization

varies with needs and maximizing benefits

Based on the actual needs of customer projects, NFLG provides scientific production solution design to help enterprises achieve greater profits.