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YLLB Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

YLLB Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

YLLB Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Location: Shanxi, China
  • Model: YLLB100
  • Startup: 2016
  • Equipment highlights: Convenient transportation, environmental protection and energy saving.

YLLB Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG YLLB series mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant integrates the main functional components on a trailer, and other auxiliary function modules are also designed to be movable to facilitate quick installation. It not only has the function of a conventional mixing station, but also can realize the equipment for reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

  • The main parts are highly integrated in one chassis, which is covering a small area, convenient installation and fast movement.
  • The scientific combination of the drying drum with asphalt recycle ring and the mixing host will increase the RAP proportion.


Model YLLB100
Rated output 100t/h
Cold bin 4x9m³
Discharging height 4m
Capacity of mixer 100t/h
Installed power 360kW
Dimensions of main vehicle 16.7m×4.2m×2.6m

Drying system

environmental protection and stabilize operation

Optimize the design of the flight structure of the drying drum, heating evenly, and the drum is covered with thermal insulation material and stainless steel overlaying to effectively prevent heat loss, high heat energy utilization rate; long service life of components, stable and reliable operation. And it is 20% energy saving compared to the original drying system.

Combustion System

Smart, safe, environmentally friendly and low emission

The NZGOB burner, a new generation of axial oil/gas burner independently developed by NFLG, incorporates advanced European technology, adhering to the concept of environmental protection and low emissions, intelligently adjusting the ratio of combustion air and oil, low noise, and more environmentally friendly.

Dust collection system

Intelligent operation guarantees production

Step-rotary reverse jet cleaning, intelligent control of the cleaning frequency, the effective operating area of NOMEX filter bags can be as high as 98%, reaching EU standard emissions (< 20mg/Nm³),realizing the stability of negative pressure in the drum and ensuring the production quality of asphalt mixture.

Vibrate screen system

durable and great performance

The amplitude matches well with vibrating frequency.The systems is strong and durable, great screening effect with the screening accuracy up to 95%.The mesh is easy to change and maintain.

Metering system

Secondary metering, stable and reliable

The system uses the weighting mechanism with strong adaptive capability.The system uses the unique patented two doors by coarse and fine feeding for accurate metering.The axial flow asphalt balance uses the unique secondary tracking and metering patent to provide a stable and reliable asphalt-aggregate ratio.

Mixing system

wear-resistant and durable, increase speed and reduce consumption

The wear-resistant parts imported from Sweden with a long service life. Using simulation to optimize the technology of material movement and stirring speed, the quality control of the HMA is stable, the stirring efficiency is increased by 25%, and the energy consumption is reduced by 20%.

Demand customization

varies with needs to maximize the efficiency

NFLG provides scientific production solution design according to the actual needs of customer projects.