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Container Vertical Skip Type Concrete Batch Plant

Container Vertical Skip Type Concrete Batch Plant

Container Vertical Skip Type Concrete Batch Plant

  • Location: Tanzania
  • Model: HZSJ100
  • Startup: 2012
  • Equipment highlights: Small footprint, fast installation and convenient transportation.

Container Vertical Skip Type Concrete Batch Plant

Introduction& Advantages

The container vertical skip type concrete batch plant is a new model launched by NFLG on the basis of keeping up with and absorbing the high-tech of domestic and foreign concrete batch equipment, integrating its own years of manufacturing experience and user feedback, and constantly innovating, improving and perfecting the concrete batch equipment has the characteristics of small land area, fast installation and convenient transportation.

  • The main components of the equipment are wrapped in a closed container, which can effectively reduce dust pollution and noise pollution during the mixing process.
  • For the severe rain, snow, wind and sand weather outside, the container shell can protect various core components and reduce the failure rate.


Model HZSJ50 HZSJ75 HZSJ100 HZSJ150
Mixer Model JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000
Discharge volume (L) 1000 1500 2000 3000
Aggregate size (mm) ≤60 ≤80
Batching station Bin volume (m³) 15×4 20×4 30×4
Scale range & accuracy Stone scale (kg) (360-1200)±2% (540-1800)±2% (720-2400)±2% (1080-3600)±2%
Sand scale (kg) (240-800)±2% (360-1200)±2% (480-1600)±2% (720-2400)±2%
Cement scale (kg) (180-600)±1% (270-900)±1% (360-1200)±1% (540-1800)±1%
Fly ash scale (kg) (60-200)±1% (90-300)±1% (120-400)±1% (180-600)±1%
Water scale (kg) (90-300)±1% (150-500)±1% (240-800)±1%
Additivescale (kg) (15-50)±1% (24-80)±1%
Dischargeheight (m) 4.1

Feeding system

saving space and fast loading

It adopts the method of hoisting lifting the hopper. The unique design of the hopper and track can conveniently and efficiently store and dump the aggregate to ensure the smooth production.

Powder measurement system

scientific setting, accurate measurement

The scientific design of the overall measurement system structure avoids the adverse effects of the main tower and other factors on the powder scale, and it will not result to accumulated materials, pull scales, and drag scales to ensure the measurement accuracy.

Liquid metering system

intelligent adjustment and controllable quality

Coarse and precise measurement of liquid admixture, equipped with adjustment devices such as liquid storage bag and manual ball valve, automatically realizes the function of overweight deduction, missing supplement function, timely adjustment, and improves the accuracy of measurement. With admixture leak-proof device to ensure the quality of concrete optional trace admixture metering system, specially designed for trace liquid admixtures such as air-entraining agent, the minimum addition amount can be 0.4kg /m³.

Dust removal system

efficient dust removal, energy saving and consumption reduction

Using pulse bag filter, the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.9%, and low maintenance costs. The large fan actively extracts and removes dust, which can balance the pressure of each system in the main tower to ensure measurement accuracy and material discharge speed.

Waste recycling system (optional)

recycling to ensure quality

The waste wet concrete recycling system adopts the patent technology of cyclone separation, which can completely separate the solid material particles in the residual concrete, avoid clogging of the silt pipeline in the mixing tank, ensure the cleanliness of the slurry water in the mixing tank, and ensure the quality of the water used in the production of concrete. Sand and stone are repeatedly washed by a large-volume host to realize the recycling of sand, stone and waste water.

Demand customization

according to customer needs, scientific design

Based on the actual needs of customer projects, NFLG provides scientific production solution design to help enterprises achieve profitability.