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WCRE60 Automatic Waste Concrete Recycling Equipment

WCRE60 Automatic Waste Concrete Recycling Equipment

NFLG automatic waste concrete recycling equipment is used in Guangdong, China

  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Model: WCRE60
  • Startup: 2019
  • Equipment highlights: Strong processing capacity, reduce labor costs

WCRE60 Automatic Waste Concrete Recycling Equipment

Introduction& Advantages

The WCRE 60 automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment can decompose and recycle all the waste residue wastewater generated in the batch plant every day. The recovered sand, aggregate and slurry water can be fully reused in concrete production to achieve recycling purpose, save a lot of raw materials, and also minimize the natural resources using to achieve a win-win situation of ecological cycle and economic benefits.

  • It has a 60m³/h super-separating capacity, the screen holes are not easy to blocked, the separation efficiency is high, and the reuse rate of sand, stone and water is high.
  • High degree of automation, one-key start, automatically enter the corresponding working mode, no need for any human intervention, can achieve unattended.


Model WCRE60
Installed power 115 kW
Land area 220㎡-260㎡
Processing capacity 60m³/h
Applicable enterprises Annual output of 600000 cubic meters of concrete, 40-80 tank cars.

Automatic control system

humanized design, safe and secure

High degree of automation, one-button start, automatically enter the corresponding working mode, no need for any human intervention, can achieve unattended, automatically switch between summer and winter working modes, and can work normally at low temperatures. Safety is always the number one priority, sound, light, and electrical alarms and protection in all key parts are fully guaranteed.

Strong versatility

suitable for a variety of equipment, good recycling performance

Suitable for truck mixer, pump trucks and other equipment, and the waste water of the batch plant can be treated and recycled. The stones do not contain mud, powder or sand. The powder content of sand is in full compliance with concrete production standards. The recycled water does not contain small solid particles, and the concentration is controllable; no need to install pressure filtration equipment, and truly achieve full recovery and zero emissions.

Separation system

sieve holes are not blocked, separation is more thorough

The rubber-covered pressure roller device is wear-resistant and noise-reducing. It is equipped with high-pressure spray washing, the screen holes are not easy to get blocked, and the isolation efficiency is high. The sewage after the mortar water separation is re-purified by the cyclone separator, and the solid particles with a particle size greater than 0.075mm can be separated.

Sewage treatment system

strong treatment capacity reduces labor costs

Start the waste concrete treatment mode, and the residual material or unqualified waste concrete on the construction site can be directly and smoothly processed and recycled. The ground large sewage tank is equipped with a stirrer, and the recycled water can be quickly stirred evenly during intermittent startup. The sewage tank has the function of automatic blowdown and cleanup, reducing manual cleaning and saving labor costs.