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YCRP40 Waste Concrete Recycling Equipment

YCRP40 Waste Concrete Recycling Equipment

NFLG waste concrete recycling equipment is used in Jiangxi, China

  • Location: Jiangxi, China
  • Model: YCRP40
  • Startup: 2014
  • Equipment highlights: Efficient and durable, strong production capacity

YCRP40 Waste Concrete Recycling Equipment

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG YCRP40 series wet concrete recycling equipment provides a scientific solution for the recycling of the remaining concrete in the concrete batch plant and the recycling of the residual concrete after the cleaning of the truck mixer, concrete pump truck and mixer, all the waste water will be reused in the production of concrete, to achieve zero discharge of waste water and waste residue, to achieve a win-win situation of ecological recycling and economic benefits.

  • With super separation ability, high reuse rate of sand and aggregate.
  • Multi-channel sealing technology is adopted to prevent leakage and the environment is friendly.


Model YCRP40 mobile waste concrete recycling equipment YCRP40MX container type waste concrete recycling equipment
Number of car washes available 1-4 cars(The standard is 2 cars)
Capacity to dispose of  concrete(m³/h) 40m³/h
Separate the minimum aggregate size(mm) 0.075mm
Separate the maximum aggregate size(mm) 50mm
Clear water pool volume(m³) 90m³×1
Sedimentation tank volume(m³) 38m³×1 28m³×1
Stirring tank  volume(m³) 45m³×2 (standard) 37m³×1(standard)
Land area(L×W×H)(m) 20.8m×12.4m×4.5m 15.1m×9.5m×4.5m

Car washing system

intelligent cleaning, safe and convenient

With curved car wash slots (patent products) and 1.2m height design, the driver does not get off and will be able to put the discharge hopper directly into the slot, more secure. The car wash tank water pipe line is equipped with the photoelectric sensor which can sense that the tank truck is in place and automatically enter the "car wash process", intelligently start the recycling host, sand and stone separation vibrator.

Super separation ability

strong separation recycling

Large-volume recovery host with 5 national patented technology, with a super separation capacity of 40m³/h and a sand removal rate of up to 95%. NFLG uses the patented vibration screening technology to crush and screen wet materials layer by layer. Fine sand is separated and returned to the recycling host, and the reuse rate of sand and aggregate is high.

Machine system

efficient and durable, convenient maintenance

The upper cover of the host adopts a lightweight sectioned top cover, which can be disassembled by a single person, which is very convenient. The bearing position is higher than the liquid surface, and the multi-channel sealing technology is adopted to prevent leakage. The host blade is made of wear-resistant steel plate, which is highly efficient and durable, and is bolted to the main shaft for easy replacement.