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FBK1200 Quick-install Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

FBK1200 Quick-install Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

FBK1200 Quick-install Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

  • Location: China
  • Model: FBK600+FBK1200+FBK2000
  • Startup: 2020
  • Equipment highlights:

FBK1200 Quick-install Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

Introduction& Advantages

The optimized combination of FBK1200 quick-install dry mortar production line, the mixing performance is upgraded, the connection method is simpler and easier to operate, the structure layout is more reasonable, and at the same time, the special mortar production line can be customized according to the needs of users, which is efficient, convenient and wide. Praised by the market, the equipment is suitable for the mixing of green building materials in the fields of common\special dry-mix mortar, gypsum mortar, self-leveling, grouting and putty powder.

  • Quick connection method, convenient and fast.The process layout is reasonable, the structure is sturdy and compact, saving space.
  • The mixing machine is designed according to the principle of flexible fluid, with uniform mixing, high efficiency and energy saving.


Model FBK600 FBK1200 FBK2000 note
capacity(t/h) 5~10 10-15 10-15
main machine FJD600 FJD1200 FJD2000
power(kg) 15 30 37
Mixer high speed terminal Diode motor (7.5kw)Quadrupole motor (5.5kw)(optional) Diode motor (7.5kw)Quadrupole motor (5.5kw)(optional) Diode motor (7.5kw)Quadrupole motor (5.5kw)(optional)
volume fraction of mixer 70% 70% 70%
aggregate size (mm) 0~1.18 0~1.18 0~1.18
Sand powder scale (kg) (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (200-2000)±1% adjustable according to client’s requirement
Additive scale(kg) (5-30)±0.5% (10-50)±0.5% (10-50)±0.5% adjustable according to client’s requirement

Drying system

the double-return drying drum, intelligent monitoring and easy maintenance

The two-layer drying drum is used to avoid the additives failure due to excessive sand temperature. The system also provides the unique intelligent detection, the online warning system, the fault indication function, and the humanized control interface.

Weighing system

stable and accurate to ensure the matching ratio

Choose the appropriate measurement method according to the material properties and dosage to make the measurement accuracy higher, better than the industry standard, accurate, stable and reliable.

Discharge door

patented technology, sealed and environmentally friendly

With special patented technology, the mixer is sealed and environmentally friendly, reducing energy consumption.

Lubrication system

intelligent lubrication, cost reduction and efficiency increase

The intelligent automatic lubrication system is used to reduce labor costs, efficiently guarantee the lubrication of each unit, and then promote the smooth operation of the equipment.

Demand customization

varies with needs scientific design

Based on the actual needs of customer projects, NFLG provides scientific production solution design to help enterprises achieve profitability.