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Workshop-type Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

Workshop-type Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

NFLG workshop-type dry mortar mixing plant applied to Oriental Yuhong

  • Location: Oriental Yuhong
  • Model: FBC2000
  • Startup: 2016
  • Equipment highlights: Compact layout, safe and efficient

Workshop-type Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG workshop-type dry mortar mixing plant is generally used for special mortar production. The main equipment is placed within the workshop. The raw material feeding method and storage system will also change with the user’s product needs and workshop conditions. Generally speaking, the overall process of the equipment is relatively simple, the layout is flexible, and its output is small, mostly it is applied to produce single product, and the initial investment cost is relatively low.

  • The mixing efficiency is about 30% higher than that of the traditional twin shaft mixer.The dust emission concentration is less than 20mg/Nm³, and the noise at the factory boundary is less than 55dB.
  • Adopt easy installation and disassembly structure, simple operation, easy maintenance and repair.


Model FBC600 FBC1200 FBC2000 FBC3000 note
capacity(t/h) 5~10 10~20 20~40 40~60
main machine FJD600 FJD1200 FJD2000 FJD3000
power(kW) 15 30 37 55
high speed end two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional) two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional) two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional) two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)
volume fraction of mixer 70% 70% 70% 70%
aggregate size (mm) 0~1.18 0~1.18 0~1.18 0~1.18
aggregate scale(kg) (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (300~2200)±1% (400~3800)±1% adjustable according to client’s requirement
cement scale(kg) (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (300~2200)±1% (400~3800)±1% adjustable according to client’s requirement
additive scale(kg) (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (300~2200)±1% (400~3800)±1% adjustable according to client’s requirement

Drying system

double drum dryer, intelligent monitoring and easy maintenance

The double drum dryer is used to avoid the additives failure due to excessive sand temperature. The intelligent detection system is used to realize one-second online early warning and quick troubleshooting.

Screening system

automatic cleaning

The screening efficiency is as high as 85%, which is convenient for the refined production of products, stable and efficient, and fast overhaul. The self-cleaning screen system is self-cleaning, free of disassembly and cleaning, saving effort and effort.

Weighing system

accurate and stable, highlighting quality

The use of frequency conversion feeding + intelligent electrical technology makes the measurement accuracy higher (± 0.5%-± 1%), which is far better than the industry standard.

Mixing system

high efficiency, energy saving, wear resistance and loss prevention

The plowshare mixer and its core patented technology, and the patented variable frequency mixing technology, can effectively reduce energy consumption by 25%, with a mixing ratio of up to 1: 10000, wear-resistant, and long service life.

Packaging system

high automation efficiency, cost saving

With the design of a complete set of automatic packaging palletizing and packaging production lines, no worry about the production of large-scale special mortars; it is equipped with multi-model packaging machines and is an all-rounder for different mortar packaging.