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As grinding mills are made increasingly larger, however, operating mills of increasing diameter presents significant liner service life challenges. To meet these challenges, NFLG offers composite mill liners which combine a proprietary wear resistance steel and high pressure molded rubber. The abrasion resistance steel alloys have approximately double the service time of a standard rubber liner, and the rubber structure absorbs impact from large rocks and grinding media. NFLG composite mill linings combine the most desirable properties of rubber and steel to maximum advantage.


Features of Rubber-Metal Composite Mill Liners

Grinding Mill Parts

Composite liners are lightweight:

NFLG™ Rubber-Metal Composite Mill Liners are 35%-45% lighter than the metallic linings of the same specification. This makes it possible to design the liners composed of larger and fewer components, leading to faster and safer liner replacements, minimizing downtime and increasing mine profits.

Composite liners resist pegging and peening:

NFLG has the flexibility to design liners with less components when using composite liners. This has the benefit of reducing joints between liners and minimising joint gaps which occur with steel liners due to casting tolerance.

Composite liners have a shorter delivery time:

Composites are quicker to manufacture, which results in shorter lead times. This is a great advantage to mining operations, as they have more flexibility when placing an order. It reduces the need of ordering early and the risks associated with having mill liners stored on site longer than necessary.

Composite liners increase throughput:

The increased wear life offered with composite mill linings may allow the OEM to reduce the thickness of the liners. This results in an increase in volumetric capacity allowing more material to be fed into the mill. Consequently this provides an opportunity to increase mill throughput, resulting in increased revenue for the mine.