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Many investors think it is unwise to invest in Kenya's mining industry due to Kenya's backward mining technology and haphazard legal system. Is that true? Today, we will discuss whether it is promising

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The coconut shell is composed of coconut fiber (up to 30%) and pith (up to 70%). Its ash content is about 0.6% and lignin is about 36.5%, which helps to turn it into

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Molybdenum is a very important non-ferrous metal. It has extremely high hardness, corrosion resistance, and the third-highest melting point (2,623°C) of all metals. Thus, molybdenum is one of the most valuable alloying agents

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As the main equipment that uses friction for bulk material handling, industrial belt conveyors are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical and other sectors because of their large transportation capacity,

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Promising gold At present, countries around the world are gradually emerging from covid-19, the economy is in the recovery phase, and economic prosperity will drive the consumption of gold. As the role of

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The establishment of a cement grinding plant, or clinker grinding plant, is an effective measure to expand cement production capacity in growth markets. This is why you see news of the establishment of

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The main component of fluorite is CaF2, which is often used as a source of fluority in the industry. Fluorite colors are often bright in nature, and fluorite Mohs hardness is smaller than

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What is a wet pan mill? Wet pan mill is also called wet grinding mill or gold grinding machine. It is the first choice of grinding equipment for the small and medium milling

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Fluorite has a wide range of uses. It is not only used industrially as a source of fluority and a smelting flux in steelmaking, but also used in the manufacture of glass, ceramic

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Although the tableware in the kitchen is often in contact with water, it is still bright and magnificent after long-term use. Why? Because most tableware in the kitchen nowadays is made of stainless