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What is slag? Slag is fully named ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFs), a by-product produced by metallurgical smelting plants. In addition to iron ore and fuel (coke), appropriate limestone and dolomite should also be

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Aggregate plays a filling role in concrete and stabilizes the concrete volume, which generally accounts for about two thirds of the concrete volume. The aggregate should firstly ensure that the quality of the

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The jaw plate is an important part in the jaw crusher equipment, and its service life directly affects the whole jaw crusher equipment. Therefore, you must consider the hardness and toughness of the

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1. Equivalent diameter The diameter of a sphere with the same properties in some aspects as the mineral particle is used to represent the diameter of the mineral particle. 2. Gravity separation Gravity

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What is granite? Statistics show that granite is one of the oldest rocks on the earth with a history of more than 300 million years. Granite is the most widespread igneous rock and

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Three things you must know about asphalt concrete 1. What is asphalt concrete? Asphalt concrete is a composite material that consists of mineral aggregate bound together with asphalt. It is widely used in

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Basalt, as a common non-metallic ore in the sand gravel aggregate industry, has a very high application value in the construction, bridge, road construction and other industries. However, due to the hard nature

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The purification of quartz sand is very difficult, mainly because it contains some impurity minerals, some of which containing iron elements, such as goethite, hematite, limonite, ilmenite, pyrrhotite, tourmaline, amphibole, biotite and so

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The impact crusher and hammer crusher both use the impact principle to crush materials, and the product has an excellent grain shape. They look similar, but are different in many ways. So, which

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Black stone chips are the most widely used aggregate in the quarry industry. Because of huge demands of black stone chips for construction, cement making, garden decoration, driveway, etc., aggregate suppliers need to