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Which Kind of Crusher Equipment Can Produce the Best Black Stone Chips?

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Which Kind of Crusher Equipment Can Produce the Best Black Stone Chips?

October 21, 2023 machinery 0 Comments

Black stone chips are the most widely used aggregate in the quarry industry. Because of huge demands of black stone chips for construction, cement making, garden decoration, driveway, etc., aggregate suppliers need to produce different sizes of materials by crushing equipment.

application of black stone chips

If you need to crush the material to the following sizes, we will recommend you the most suitable crushing equipment.

3/4 Inch Black Stone Chips (16mm-20mm)

The most suitable equipment: jaw stone crusher

Fote jaw crusher manufacturing process

Jaw crusher which is mainly used as a primary crushing equipment has large feeding size at 120-1500mm, process capacity with1-2200t/h, and the highest compressive strength 320MPa.

Black stone crushing process

In the black stone production line, the large stones are evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The oversized stones would be back to the jaw crusher by the belt conveyor for further crushing until it can be discharged.

The finely crushed stone material is sent to the vibrating screen by a belt conveyor. Then you’ll get 3/4 inch black stone chips.

jaw crusher of Fote Machinery

Advantages of jaw crusher

  • Large crushing ratio
  • Final product is even and cubical shape
  • Simple structure, reliability, easy maintenance
  • Low operating expenses

Fote Company can provide different types of jaw crushers according to customers’ specific production needs. Our aim is to provide the best solution to help customers get more profits.

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Applications of 3/4 inch black stones

It is mainly used for paving driveways, sidewalks and landscape decoration.

1/2 black stone chips (12mm-16mm)

Suitable machine: impact crusher

Horizontal impact crusher crushers are often used for the secondary and tertiary crushing process. It can reduce material which is smaller than that of jaw crusher, and the
maximum discharging size of the impact crusher is less than 30mm.

When materials with a compressive strength of less than 150MPa, the impact crusher maximum feed is 400mm, and when the processing compressive strength is greater than 150MPa, the maximum feed is 200mm.

Working principle

The impact crusher uses the bleaker plate on the high-speed rotating rotor to produce high-speed impact. By that impact force, the black stone would be crushed first, and then being thrown to the other breaker plate for another crushing process. After rock-on-steel (ROS) and rock-on-rock (ROR) crushing process, the final product will be discharged for the outlet port.

impact crushers with low price

Advantages of impact crushers

  • The final product is also cubic, and the size of the material
    can be discharged freely.
  • Large production capacity, small discharge size
  • High chromium plate hammer, unique impact liner, high
    efficiency and energy saving:
  • Full hydraulic system, which make easy parts easy to repair
    and replace.

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Applications of 1/2 black stone chips

It is mainly used for drainage and railway

It can also be used as a stepping stone

1/4 Inch black stone chips

Suitable crushing machine: cone crusher

Crushing process

The cone crusher is especially suitable for materials which is not abrasive, and the product moisture content is less than15%. When the cone crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, which impacts and reduces the materials into very smaller sizes.

Unique advantages of cone crusher

  • The perfect combination of high-performance crushing cavity and high crushing frequency, which greatly improves the processing capacity of the cone crusher.
  • The laminated crushing principle is adopted, so the crushed products are mostly cubical structure, which greatly reduces the needle-like materials.
  • The liner is easy to replace quickly, reducing downtime.
  • If material is stuck in the discharge port, the cavity cleaning system can continue to increase the discharge volume and discharge the stuck material out of the crushing cavity of the cone crusher.

cone crushers for sale


1/4 inch black stone aggregate has a very small sizes, so it is often used in housing construction, cement manufacturing, and can also be used as a filler.

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India Blackstone Aggregate Production Line

black stone chips crushing line in India

This Indian customer, Kiflie, wants to obtain black stone aggregates with sizes of 3/4; 5/8; 1/2, and the output requires 200t/h.

Due to the various sizes required and the large output, our R&D personnel have specified the most detailed plan for
the customer through discussion and given the most favorable price.

Production line configuration:

Vibrating Feeder

The vibrating feeder has simple structure, stable vibration, uniform feeding, good continuous performance, and adjustable excitation force. It is a necessary machine to send the raw black stone into the next crushers.

Jaw Crusher

The vibrating feeder sends large pieces of black stone into the jaw crusher for getting the final product with 20mm, then you can get the 3/4 inch black stone chips.

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is used in the fine crushing. The aggregate crushed by jaw crusher enters the pre-screening screener. Among them, the aggregates meeting the specifications of 12-16mm enter the finished aggregate pile.

Cone Crusher

The last step is to get 5-6mm black stone chips. Cone crushers mainly uses the “laminated crushing” principle to crushing the material with two stages, then you can get cubic, good shape products.

This his highly automatic production line which greatly reduces the manual cost and enhance safety of operation. Besides, the system can automatically make fault diagnosis and corresponding measures, and send out alarm information for the operator to solve.

All crushing equipment minimize energy consumption equipment, and can be strictly control on product size and produce the highest quality blackstone aggregate our customers.

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Why Fote Machinery stone crusher manufacturer?

Fote crushing equipment manufacturer has specified the optimal crushing plan and provided high-quality crushing equipment for more than 200,000 customers from more than 120 countries.

The company has nearly 40 years of R&D experience. We promise that every detail in the production process will be completed with high quality, so that our products can help customers efficiently produce the best aggregate products.

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