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10 Common Problems in the Operation of Briquette Machine

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10 Common Problems in the Operation of Briquette Machine

December 8, 2023 machinery 0 Comments

Briquette machine is also known as a briquetting machine, which is used to press the material that hard to be shaped, and it has the advantages of high molding pressure, adjustable rotational frequency and is equipped with a screw conveyor.

It can be divided into several types of briquette machines according to the materials, such as charcoal briquette machine, coal briquette machine, powder briquette machine, gypsum briquette machine, etc.

Different types of briquette machines

Different types of briquette machines

It also can be divided into several types of briquette machine according to their functions, such as common briquette machine, hydraulic briquette machine, strong hydraulic briquette machine, etc.

Briquette machine is very necessary for the whole briquetting production line.

Therefore, what problems will be occurred in the operation process? And how to solve these problems so that to improve the working efficiency and capacity of the briquetting machine?

Here are ten common problems of the briquette machine and the corresponding solutions, hopping you can get help.

Q1: The briquette machine always makes noise

Under this condition, one of the reasons is the temperature or the water content in the raw material is out of normal range, and the corresponding solution is drying materials by the dryer to ensure that the materials are kept at proper temperature and humidity.

Another reason is that there are damages with the parts of the briquette machine, such as the screw conveyor is worn seriously. When it happens, the parts of the briquette machine should be replaced immediately.

Q2: Briquette machine restarts repeatedly

Repeat restart of the briquette machine is usually caused by the low power supply, which can not drive the briquette machine to work normally. To solve this problem, it would better suit the remedy to the case.

First, the power supply voltage of the briquette machine is detected by AVO meter, and it’d better detect under the condition that the briquette machine is loaded so that to judge whether there is any power supply problem.

What is particularly noteworthy is that the consumed power of the outer briquette machine is quite different when the heater is on or off. It must be paid attention to the maximum power of the briquette machine to ensure that the briquetting machine can work normally with enough power supply.

Briquette machine working site

Briquette machine working site

In addition, when the briquette machine works normally, the power voltage would better be no less than the standard voltage. When the standard voltage is at the value of 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should be no more than 25%.

When the line is laid out, the strong current and weak current should be arranged separately to avoid the interference between them. Since the inner space of the briquette machine is limited, the internal power supply makes the strong and weak current coexist, which may impact the weak current signal.

Q3: The oil pressure of briquette machine is insufficient

There is insufficient oil pressure during the running process of the briquette machine. The reason causing such a problem may be the blockage of oil suction or the deformation of the joint gasket.

If the oil suction is blocked, it should be cleaned and washed immediately to ensure the cleanness of briquette machine equipment; if the joint gasket is deformed, it should be replaced the deformed gasket with a new one, so that the briquette machine can work normally and efficiently.

Q4: Water-resistance of briquette machine

During the installation of the briquette machine, the suspension installation method is adopted by several users, but there is still a gap between the briquette machine and the bracket hinge. It is raining or snowing, the water may permeate into the briquette machine to cause damage.

Therefore, the waterproofing measure should be adopted during installation.

Also, the bracket is quite important, and it is recommended to adopt the original bracket. The original bracket is fully considered the water-proofing problem, such as the inclination is designed to lift the screw end of the briquette machine, preventing the back-flow of water.

The indoors briquette machine prevents water

The indoors briquette machine prevents water

Q5: The poor briquetting effect and quality of material

Mineral powder briquette machine, coal powder briquette machine and others may cause the deformation problem of materials, and the reasons are usually the insufficiency of materials fed, the insufficient hydraulic pressure, the damaged roll surface, etc.

  • The insufficiency of materials fed may cause the deformation of materials. The feeding speed can be adjusted to add the feeding volume.
  • Insufficient hydraulic pressure may cause incomplete compression of materials. The rotating speed of the engine can be reduced so that to improve the hydraulic pressure of the briquette machine.
  • The damage of roll pressure may reduce the pressure of materials formation, the damaged surface can be fixed or replaced to improve the briquetting performance.
  • When all the factors that influence the briquetting performance meet the criteria, the adhesion agent can be added adequately to improve the briquetting ratio. The volume of adhesion agent is usually controlled in the range of 4% to 8%, sometimes in the range of 2% to 3%. By the way, it also can be experimented firstly to set a suitable ratio.

Q6: The materials don’t off-line after briquetting

There are the following reasons caused that materials don’t off-line after briquetting:

  • The water content of materials is improper. Solution: in general, the water content should be controlled in the range of 8% to 13%. If the materials contain more water, it can be drying by dryer if there are a lot of materials, while it can be drying naturally to save cost.
  • The roller of the briquette machine is designed improper or the ball socket is too small. Solution: when choosing the briquetting machine, it should be better to choose the briquette machine with the ball socket diameter more than 3 cm.
  • The briquetting machine rotates at a low speed. Solution: the rotating speed of the briquette machine should be set at 10 to 20 per minute.

High-efficiency briquette machine

High-efficiency briquette machine

Q7: The dislocation of briquette machine’s rollers

Aim at this problem, there are several steps to adjust the dislocation:

First, the driven gear should be found, because there is set an adjusting panel. Second, loose all the screws on the adjusting plate, so that to make the panel adjustable. Third, measure the dislocation gap between two sockets, adjust the gap to set the sockets in a proper position.

When there is a dislocation between sockets, except the adjustment of sockets by scientific methods, there still should be paid attention to the shaft. Therefore, the shaft should be checked whether there is any damage.

Q8: The deformation of finished products

Sometimes, the finished products are deformed after shaped by the whole process, for the reason is that the raw materials contain much water. To solve this problem, it can reduce the water content in the materials. The methods are natural-dry or drying by a dryer.

Different briquetting performance of briquette machine

Different briquetting performance of briquette machine

Q9: The materials are blocked in the briquette machine

There are three reasons which cause the blockage:

  • The materials are mixed with hard particles and big impurities.
  • The voltage of power supply or the temperature is under the criteria.
  • The raw materials are much humid.

The corresponding solutions are: first, turn off the briquette machine to remove the impurities; second, adjust the voltage or reduce the feeding speed; third, heat the materials to reduce the water content and control it in the range of 6% to 12%.

Q10: Too much dust are produced during the briquetting process

If there produces much dust during the briquetting process, the cyclone dust collector can be equipped as the corollary equipment. The dust collector has the advantage of cleaning the dust in the machine immediately and improving the working efficiency greatly.

The cyclone dust collector is simple in structure, durable in service. Under normal conditions, the cyclone dust collector can collect the dust of more than 5 μm, and the separating ratio is more than 90%.

Fote Heavy Machinery briquette machine

Fote Heavy Machinery briquette machine

The above all are the ten common problems in the operation of the briquette machine. During the producing process, improper operation may reduce the working efficiency of the briquette machine.

Therefore, the author suggests that users should have a certain acknowledge of the working principle, using techniques and operating methods when a purchasing briquetting machine, so that the service life, working efficiency and profit can be improved under the same investment.

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