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Advantages of NFLG coal crushers

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Advantages of NFLG coal crushers

June 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

NFLG coal crusher Introduction

Crushing operation can also be divided into preparing crushing and final crushing based on their position in coal production system. Preparing crushing aims at breaking materials to granularity required in the next crushing operation while final crushing works to break coal to products which meet customers’ requirements. Coal crushing mainly adopts mechanical methods. In a variety of crushing machines, it usually gives first place to one crushing mode, accompanied by other crushing way. In consideration of coal’s physical properties, particle size and required crushing ratio, we recommend that you select NFLG’s coal crushers .

Advantages of NFLG coal crushers:

In coal preparation plant or coal powder screening plant, you will find the advantages of our coal crushers which are as follows:

1, Meet the requirements of particle’s size selected. There is a certain range of coal’s particle if processed by common machineries. Those large coal bulks which exceed the range must be first crushed into small blocks which you can choose NFLG coal crushers.

2,Our coal crushers are able to select cleaned coal from coal gangue. Our coal crushing machine works to break it into smaller granularity which makes it possible to separate coal from gangue. The most common case is to crush the middlings selected by primary election under into 13mm or 6mm, and then send them into re-election machine.

3, If you choose our coal crushers, you can get to the size you wanted. According to the granularity of crushed product, crushing operations can be divided into coarse crushing ( materials can be crushed 50mm and above), medium crushing ( materials can be crushed into between 25mm to 6mm), fine crushing ( materials can be crushed into between 6mm to 1mm) and powder pulverizing ( materials are grinded below 1mm).

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