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Analysis of granite, pebble, basalt, diabase crushing technology

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Analysis of granite, pebble, basalt, diabase crushing technology

July 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The crushing of aggregated rock is usually determined by the following factors:

1)The type of materials to be crushed;

2) Hardness,silicon content, moisture content of the materials;

3) Average granularity size of the materials before entering the broken system;

4) Granularity size of finished products, as well as the demanded proportion of each particle size range,application of finished products.

5) the output of a single set per hour

Rocks materials introduction

Rocks like granite, pebble, basalt, diabase have high hardness and silicon content, they belongs to materials that are difficult to crush and with higher crushing costs in actual crushing process. Generally speaking, basalt and diabase are hard and tough materials, granite is hard and friable material, while pebble is high silicon content material with a relatively lower hardness. Therefore, the design of crushing process for these materials should be reasonable and suitable, in term of considering investing costs for crushing projects, costs for production line must also be considered at the same time. In actual crushing process, Raw material of some clients is limestone , wastage of jaw plate in jaw crusher is especially low, it is common for a pair of jaw plate to service for a year. This is because the hardness of limestone is very low (grades 4 -5), and silicon content is very low too, so, abrasive functions on wear parts of crusher is very low.

When the materials to be crushed are basalt and granite, wastage of jaw plate and liner plate is very serious. Clients’ production costs are more higher than production cost of limestone. Therefore, when we design crushing process, in order to reduce the wastage of wear parts, we will choose laminated principle crushing equipment .

Jaw crusher collocation

The typical laminated equipment is two-stage jaw crusher collocation, or one jaw crusher and one cone crusher collocation.If clients have higher requirements on the final particle type , we can then configure a ball mill for finely crushing, thus formed the three crushing stages. Three stages of crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment cost, but for long-term running mill, the cost-reducing effect of three crushing stages is significant.

For the above materials, two stage crushing process that contains a jaw crusher and a ball mill can also be used. But this will inevitably lead to the serious wastage of the liner plate. Both manufacturers and clients should pay attention to these questions when choosing crushing process.

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