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Applications Of Double Roll Crusher

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Applications Of Double Roll Crusher

June 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Applications Of Double Roll Crusher

The Double Roll Crusher suits for coarse and secondary crushing of various materials such as limestone , granite, iron ore , coal, etc. Its low and short main frame, rather compact and simple structure, make the weight of whole machine is lighter than other crusher by 1/2~1/3 with the same capacity. Therefore, it is preferred product for portable and semi-portable screening and crushing plants. We have three different length boxes of short case, standard case and long case for every serial to meet the needs of different capacities. And various gear teeth for every specification is available to fit different crushing and discharge the materials forcedly without jam, so it rather suits to those sticky and high water content material. This product has the properties of low power consumption and low noise, is environmental and energy conservative product.

The Roller crusher can be classified into double roller crusher and four roller crusher according to the roller quantity. The Roller Crusher bears the features of stable operation, easy maintenance, low cost, output size adjustable. The Roller Crusher can be used in the processing of fragile materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical, power generation, coal industries.

Through the feed opening, the raw materials fall to between the two rollers, after crushed, the final products drop naturally. When there are unbreakable materials or the material is too hard, the roller will concede automatically under the effects of spring and hydraulic pressure, which will widen the clearance between the rollers and make the hard or unbreakable so as to avoid damaging the machine. The clearance between the two rollers can be adjusted to change the sizes of final products.

Introduction to Roll Crusher

NFLG roll crushers can be referred to as compression-type crushers. In the mining industry, they are used to crush mines of medium or low hardness, rocks that have low or medium rigidity during mine selection, for cement, chamicals, and industrial production of building materials, among others.

However, their use in the mining industry has greatly declined due to their inability to produce large amounts of output. In mining applications, the roll crusher does not match up to cone crushers, when considering the volume of production and maintainance costs. However, roll crushers have the advantage of producing a close distribution of the product size. In cases where the ore is not very abrasive, the maintainance costs are significantly reduced.

Theoretically speaking, the maximum reduction ratio of roll crushers is 4:1. For example, the smallest size that can be recognized by a particle os 2inches is 1/2 an inch. Using this machine, a material is crushed and reduced to a minimum particle size of 10Mesh (2mm). The materials are crushed by compression between two rolls rotating about a shaft. The size between the two rools used for compression can be suitably adjusted according to the desired size of the end-product. It is important to note that the largest particle size of the materilas inserted should not be more than four times the dimension of the gap.

The rotation of the two rolls draws the particles to be crushed into the gap forming a friction angle between the rolls and particles referred to as nip angle. Through forcing the materials between the gap, the rolls create compressive forces causing the materials to fracture.

Features and Applications of Roll Crusher

Roll crushers have the advantage of producing an end-product that is has a fine size distribution and they produce little dust or fines during operation. They are widely used for crushing minerals whose abrasive levels are low and in the small scale production of mine. Roll crushers are mostly used during coal mining. The crushers used may either be single roll or double roll. When used in coal mining, the surface of the rolls will have teeth or raised forms (when used for minerald and metal ores, the rolls have a smooth surface).

The roll crushers are capable of producing between 100 and 120 million bricks per year. They are widely used in the production of facing bricks, paving bricks, hollow and thermal bricks.

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