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Asplant crushing and screening plant

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Asplant crushing and screening plant

May 25, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Asplant mining and construction machienry

Asplant is established for design of mine and construction machines, their production, marketing and their after sales servicing. Crushing-screening plants are designed and marketing as turnkey basis. vibrating feeder used for mine preparation, jaw crusher , secondary impact crusher , screen and belt conveyors form the crushing-screening plants. Also the right machine for crushing coal for the coal crusher can visit the page.

Jig used for mine classification and enrichment, hydrosizer, hydrocyclone, spiral concentrator, dewatering screen etc. machines are also in our production line .

Drying is a crucial subject in mining industry. Therefore, conventional systems are designed as rotating dryer. Also, we design “flash dryers” that provide high heat to product surface in very short period of time to get rid of humidity. These dryers are suitable for not only mining but also food and chemical industries. Fluidized bed dryer to check our web site before making a final decision.

Cyclone, multi-cyclone, jet pulse filter and reverse air filter are the indispensable equipments of drying facilities. Besides, in many industrial foundations, these machinery and equipments are used for waste chimney gas filtration and dust collection. Concrete batching plants, construction chemicals etc., silo top jet pulse filter located on top of mine silos are again in our production portfolio.

Jaw Crashers

Jaw Crashers are the first crushers in the plants where stone and mine rocks are crushed. Stones are compressed with the help of a mobile jaw located in a stable jaw. As a result of this compression, rocks are crushed.


Very safe and efficient crushers for medium hard and hard stones ( limestone , dolomite, granite, basalt etc.) for the production of asphalt and concrete aggregates.

Large feed opening, cubic products, high reduction ratio, high capacity, low investment and operating cost are some of the features which make these crushers ideal as secondary crushers in crushing and screening plants.

Coal Crusher

The most suitable machine for crushing the coal is cylinder crusher. Coal cannot be crushed with impact crusher because of its moisture. If they are used, the inside of crusher will be filled with coal and cause the engines stop. However, in cylinder crushers, coal is pushed into pouring gutter without sticking to the cylinder body by centrifuge force.

The coal crusher that we designed specially for crushing coal and moisturized materials crushes the coals to pieces 15 mm and under with 90% accuracy. Crusher also crushes the materials like stone and timber that may join in coal. Crusher has heavy service type bearing and rotor.

Crusher has dynamic rotor through its spring mechanism. So unwanted squeezes are avoided. Concurrently, rotors can be adjusted up to 70 mm for bigger crushes. Crusher capacity is 300 t/s for 70 mm coal exit, and 100 t/s for 15 mm exit.

Mine screen machine

Screening is some kind of classifying the materials with vibration through a particular aperture. The machines that performs this operation is called “screen”.

The screens which is designed to move elliptic is the most economic screens in market. However, the efficiency of these screens are low. The reason for it, is the amplitude on the screen is not the same in each point. Our firm is designing and selling this type of screens. The sizes are from 1000 x 2000 mm to 2400 x 6000 mm.

Screen capacity is dependent on screen eyes, profiles used in design, the location of impulse mechanism and spring features as well as screen width. The high frequent screen that is designed and produced by our firm is used in Ermaden Divriği Plants and it performs its job in 8 m2 area which is normally done by 2×12 m2 sized (24 m2 total) screening plant. In this screens, run of mine iron ore is screened with density 3000 kg/m3 per hour.

The same high frequency screens are used in asphalt plant screening as well. And, through 200 tone/hour aggregate, 100 tone 0-5 mm aggregate output per hour is provided from the lowest shell.

Vibrating feeder

They are ideal in feeding the materials like rock pieces, aggregate, coarse mine and materials without moisture, in mining industry. Generally, stimulating with vibromotor is suitable in terms of operating costs. But, they can also be stimulated with single or double eccentric shaft pair. They can be produced with grid or without grid. Grids by-pass the thin material amount going to jaw crusher or primary impact crusher, to the belt conveyor under crusher. Generally, there is a bunker on them and loading truck empties the aggregate and mine into this bunker.

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