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Austin Western Crushers Jaw Crushing Manganese Replacement Parts

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Austin Western Crushers Jaw Crushing Manganese Replacement Parts

April 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Austin Western crushers Jaw Crushing Manganese Replacement Parts

Diamondback can ship Austin Western replacement wear parts immediately and guarantees the performance of every manganese casting.

jaw crushers should be fed a consistent rate of feed that will result in the crushing chamber being kept full at all times. This will result in more stone-on-stone crushing, reducing the wear on the (jaw die) manganese wear plates, creating a more cubical product, and result in more even wear over the length of the jaw die

Generally all material smaller than the discharge gap should be removed (scalped) prior to being fed into the jaw crusher . This will increase the tons per hour of total production by the plant, and reduce wear on the jaw dies. It will also reduce fines production and increase cubical product.

If your Austin Western crusher wear part number is not listed below, provide us with the model and serial numbers, chances are we have the parts you require within our inventory system.

10X24, 10X36, 15X36,  20X36,   25X40,  32X40
Part Number Weight Description
WC 204 408.00 1024-Stationary
WC 205 395.00 1024-Movable
WC 68 572.00 1038-Stationary
WC 69 695.00 1036-Movable
WC 75 80.00 1036-RH-Cheek
WC 76 80.00 1036-LH-Cheek
WC 232 633.00 1524-Stationary
WC 233 615.00 1524-Movable
WC 245 909.00 1536-Movable
WC 246 811.00 1536-Stationary
WC 221 1225.00 2036-Stationary
WC 221-FIE 1375.00 2036-Stationary-w/Filled in Ends
WC 222 1269.00 2036-Movable
WC 223 230.00 2036 Cheek Plate, LH
WC 224 230.00 2036 Cheek Plate, RH
WC 270 2228.00 2540-Stationary
WC 271 2099.00 2540-Movable
WC 328 2831.00 3240-Stationary
WC 328-HT 3289.00 3240-Stationary, HT
WC 329 3021.00 3240-Stationary
WC 329-HT 3749.00 3240-Movable, HT

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