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Ball mill, ball grinding equipment for sale

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Ball mill, ball grinding equipment for sale

April 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

NFLG ball mill introduction

NFLG supplies a complete range of crushing and grinding equipment for your turn key rock reduction and material comminution requirement. NFLG supplies over 22 models of grinding mills. NFLG ball mills are manufactured with highest quality material and workmanship.

Ball mill application

NFLG Ball Mills are designed for use in wet or dry Grinding operation, where a fine material grind of (-28mesh/ 0.589 mm) and finer, is required.

NFLG Ball Mills

deliver the most efficient, trouble free and economical comminution of material ranging from (5-30mm) down to varying product sizes.

NFLG Ball Mills are designed for vast range of grinding applications, within different branches of industry, such as ( mining gold & other metals and in chemical and food industry).

NFLG Over-Flow Ball Mills are normally used for most ball mill grinding applications and provide the most simple, trouble-free and economical method of grinding. Mills are available with spiral- screen , configured for discharge trunnion, to provide material sizing and classification.

Ball mill features

Over 21 models to choose.
Efficient, dependable & trouble free.
Most economical and lowest ownership cost.
Supplied in portable or stationary configuration.
Precision extra-heavy-duty rolled plate.
High grade cast steel trunnions, for extra strength
High grade cast steel spur-gear.
High grade forged steel pinion.
Complete selection of liners.
Totally enclosed gear-guards.

Ball mill superb properties

HEAVY DUTY SHELL: is made of carbon-steel of extra heavy, rolled plate precision-rolled to closed tolerances, insuring round flange conformation and accurate liner fit. Thickness of shell is always considerably in excess of strength required to support the mill and its load.

SHELL LINERS: Manufactured with rigid specifications and control, from manganese steel, for proper fit and maximum wearing qualities.

TRUNNIONS: are of cast steel for extra strength. Trunnions fit into a machined seat on mill head where they are securely held in place by large high strength steel stud bolts on close centers. The trunnion flange and seat are high precision machined in order to provide perfect alignment of the interlocking male & female joints and absorb shear stresses.

TRUNNION BEARING SURFACES: made of high grade Babbitt metal or bronze provide low bearing loading, long life and trouble-free operation.

HEAD LINERS: Are high carbone cast of (13-14%) Manganese steel, chrome-moly, decolloy or other alloys Designed for smooth passage into the mill.

SPUR GEARS: High grade case steel, cast steel tooth spur gear is standard gears and spilt and reversible for longer wearing life.

FORGED STEEL PINION: is cut from forged steel billet. All pinions are reversible for longer life. Teeth are cut in a 20° involute stub tooth design for long service and smooth engagement with gear.

COMPLETE SELECTION OF LINERS: to suit any grinding requirement. Liners of Manganese Steel, Chrome-Moly, Ni-Hard, Hard Iron, can be supplied.

EASY ACCESS MANHOLES: are conveniently located to eliminate costly downtime.

TOTALLY ENCLOSED GEAR GUARDS: are available for operation in abrasive or dusty atmospheres.

SCOOP feeder : is used to elevate new wet feed from scoop feed box into mill.

PRECISION & QUALITY: Modern machine tools, precision gauges and conscientious inspection practices are employed to produce a high degree of quality and accuracy.

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