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Ball Mill in Philippines

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Ball Mill in Philippines

April 26, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

ball mill in Philippines

Philippines is located in the circum-Pacific seismic and volcanic belt. Affected by the tropical cloud annually, hot and rainy, high humidity, and the summer and autumn come with more typhoons. The main minerals are iron ore , nickel, chrome, manganese, gold, and copper etc. The gold reserves rank third in the world, copper fourth, nickel fifth and chrome sixth. The output of copper can reach 2 million tons every year. Philippines is mountainous and rich in kinds of minerals, stones, rocks. There are many volcanoes in Philippines, and this determines that the igneous rocks are everywhere.

The stones and rocks in Philippines are in high quality, which means they are suitable for construction and buildings. The constrution of infrastructure is waiting to be developed.

As its special geological structure and geographical location, Philippines is rich in mineral resources, including iron ore reserves, 3.2 million. The mineral composition is more complex than normal ones, metallic minerals are mainly magnetite, pyrrhotite and minor chalcopyrite and gangue minerals dominated by quartz and hornblende, and small amounts of chlorite and epidote.
Philippines’ iron ore mineral is a high silicon low iron ore magnetite. The ore grade is generally about 57%, SiO2 content of nearly 20%. Philippines iron ore fine-grained, +100 mesh grain size close to 25%, 100 ~ 200 mesh grain size is about 18%, -200 mesh grain size more than 57%, with Brazil concentrate close.

Research by the steel mills shows that increasing the Philippines powder ratio, will significantly lower the sintering ore grade, but had little effect to the particles sinter mixture preparation. It’s good for steel making. Sinter yield, turn soy strength and sintered powder utilization coefficient ratio in the Philippines is 12% to achieve the best value, when the ratio continues to increase to 15%, sinter yield, cold strength, rate of RDI decreased significantly.

NFLG is a mining machinery manufacturer in Shanghai, which is the biggest and most prosperous of China. NFLG produces crushers and grinding mill since last 80s. And these years, NFLG has develop some kinds of crushers high quality and efficiency. The equipments of NFLG include: jaw crusher , cone crusher , impact crusher , vsi crushers, grinding mills, ball mill, vibrating screen , vibrating feeder , belt conveyor , and others.

The products are top-quality, and exported to more than 100 countries.
Non-metallic mining is the most active part of the mining industry, whch mainly includes building sand, stone, cement, and coal mining. Coal is important energy source in Philippines, and with the economic development, the demand for coal is increasing rapidly. Philippines is our cooperating partner and the trading volume reached more than 10 million dollars. NFLG crushing and grinding plants are in many mine lots and quarries in Philippines.

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