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Ball mill structure and working principle

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Ball mill structure and working principle

April 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

ball mill Type

(1) According to the length and diameter of the cylinder, the ball mill machine can be classified as the following types:

(a)Short ball mill; (b)Middle length ball mill; (c) Long ball mill.

(2) According to whether it can be successive operated, the ball mill machine is divided into continuous grinding machine and intermittent grinding machine.

(3) According to its transmission way, it is sorted as centre drive grinding machine and Edge transmission grinding machine.

(4) According to its discharging way, it can be divided as the end discharge type ball mill and the Middle discharging type ball mill.

(5) According to the shape of the grinding medium, it is classified as the ball mill, the rod mill,and the gravel mill.

(6) According to its operating processes, the classification is as below: Dry grinding machine and Wet grinding machine.

Ball Mill Structure

(a) Cylinder: the ball mill’s cylinder is one of its main working parts,the grinding materials is made under the function of grinding medium shocks(which existed in the cylinder body )and the grinding effect and into a fine powder.

(b) Liner

(1) Its function: protect the cylinder, make the cylinder avoid the damage from grinding medium and the direct impact and friction of materials; In addition, by using different forms of lining plate ,we can adjust the grinding motion body inside the cavity;

(2) Its classification: a)flat lining board; b)layering lining board; c)convex arris lining board; d) wave pattern lining board; e)ladder lining board; f) half spherical lining board; g)ripple lining board; h) grading lining board; i)cover lining board; j)groove lining board; k)arc square type foils;

(c) Diaphragms

(1). Function: a)disjunctive grinding body;b)prevent large particle materials dart out of the grinding tail end; c)control the flow speed of the grinding material.

(2). The category:The diaphragms are divided into two kinds, single diaphragms and multi-layer diaphragms;the double diaphragms can be divide as three sorts: excessive warehouse type, lift type and classification type.

(d)The main bearing: the major structures of the grinding machine are basically same, they are all constructed by bearing, housings, lubrication and cooling systems.

(e)Feeding, unloader devices

Feeding device has several types : a)sneak tube feed;b)spiral feed; c)spoon wheel feed

(f) Transmission system

Transmission forms: edge transmission and center transmission.

Working principle of ball mill

When the mill rotating,owing to the inertia centrifugal effect the grinding machine body is attached on the lining board which combined with rotary to reach a certain height, but because of its gravity, it falls like a high trajectory which can break the materials inside the cylinder; Besides among the grinding mills it exists scrolling and sliding, which acting mainly on the abrasive materials.

The materials are put into the former warehouse continuously with cylinder turning together to squeeze the materials; in addition,due to the burden surface height differences between the feeding end and the discharging and the grinding forced ventilation,although the mill barrel is installed horizontally,the material moving from the feeding end to the discharging slowly to complete the grinding operations.

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