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Barmac rotopactor vertical shaft impactor

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Barmac rotopactor vertical shaft impactor

April 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Barmac Rotopactor Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) consists of a feed tube, rotor, crushing chamber, a bearing cartridge and a discharge chute. The rotor is driven through multi drive V belts from a 200KW electric motor. The rotor is spinning at approximately 1040rpm. The Barmac is called a rock ‘Shaper’ and not a rock crusher because the 2 main reduction methods used by the Barmac are attrition by glancing blows with other rocks and abrasion as the rocks interact. Therefore the concept of the Barmac VSI is rock on rock shaping.

Ormeau Barmac

The Ormeau Barmac is set up to have two inputs, one from screen 3, of size 25 – 5mm through chute 3, and the other from oversized material returning to the surge bin for re crush, which is diverted into chute 23 by the adjustable gate 2. Therefore, an input material summary is 25 – 5 mm. Once through the Barmac material travels through transfer point 9 to conveyor 2.

The rock is continuously feed into the feed tube of the Barmac, which directs material into the centre of the high speed spinning rotor, which throws the material out, at a speed of 50-85m/s, as a continuous rock stream into the stone lined crushing chamber. The material size reduction comes from the airborne rock on rock interaction and the rock on rock interaction as the rotor accelerated material hits the material build up on the sides of the crushing chamber.

The material build in the rotor and the crushing chamber are vital components to the Barmac. The rotor and crushing chamber are lined with wear plates but rely on material build up to protect the system from wear from the high speed material interaction. Material once shaped is deposited through the discharge chutes and onto the conveyor belt.

Barmac rotopactor vertical shaft impactor rotor

The rotor is at the centre of the VSI. It is mounted on a bearing cartridge which consists of 2 radial bearings and a trust bearing, with 2 grease seals. The bearing cartridge must be greased daily to the manufactures specifications of 15 grams of grease a day.


There are no protection systems for the Barmac systems, it is started and stopped at the demand of the operator.

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