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Basalt crushing operations

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Basalt crushing operations

June 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Basalt, or green rocks belong to high hardness, and silicon content is higher, in actual broken assignments belong to more difficult and broken, or broken high cost of materials. Popular speak, basalt, and green rocks are hard and toughening materials, and high silicon content. Therefore, on basalt or green rock crushing technology to design reasonable, in consideration of the investment cost of crushing projects at the same time, must consider the cost of production line .

In actual broken assignments, some customers raw material is limestone , jaw broken jaw plate very low losses, a deputy jaw plate using life reached a year is a very common phenomenon. This is because the limestone hardness is lower (not just 4 ~ 5 level), and stone of silicon content is very low, wear parts of the crusher of abrasive is very low.

Raw materials are basalts green rock crushing assignments, jaw plate, plate hammer, fight back plate etc wear-resistant parts of loss very high. Customers’ production cost is more than limestone cost of production. Therefore, we have broken process, as far as possible on the design principle of the selection of laminated crushing equipment , in order to reduce the loss of wear parts. The typical laminated equipment configuration is two level jaw crushed process configuration. If the customer for the final stone granule shape has higher demand, we can go and configuration a counterattack broken on integer broken, formed so three sections of broken process configuration. Three sections of crushing inevitably leads to project investment cost is higher, but for long-term operation of stone quarry plant, three sections of crushing lower cost of production is very considerable. Below are some basic basalt technology configuration, please refer to. Various allocation methods have different features, specific how should be designed according to customer’s actual situation analysis.

In a lot of stone of granule shape not high demand of stone quarry plant, users would use jaw crusher , fine sex jaw crusher/spring break collocation of conical way to form a line. Because jaw with spring taper broke to all break belongs to laminated principle, wear-resistant parts wear relatively small, production cost at lower. But also because of laminated principle, will cause broken stone granule shape is not so good, the needle flake witnessed content is higher, stone inside crack is more serious, are a high-level building is not willing to accept, therefore market price for a counterattack stone cheap.

Counterattack crusher the greatest characteristic is able to produce high quality stone grain type, have broken and integer double performance, Granule shape good stone can give buildings increase mechanical properties, better in the market have higher price, of course, counter break damageable parts wear also costs than comparable production of fine type jaw break, tapered broken high. Needle flake stone and nature original smooth stone in architecture in use very inaccessible poly-rowed cubic stone can form mechanics performance. Therefore, mainly used for building the counterattack broken stone, broken field, for highway, railway, airport, seaport, high-rise building provides high quality grain type of stone.

If the market for the finished products witnessed granule shape have requirement, users and want to reduce the cost, tons of damageable parts can be considered coarse jaw crusher + small jaw broken/cone broken as the first breaker with two broken, impact crusher in the third way broken position, mainly plays an integer purpose. Such not only reduces the counterattack broken wear cost, also can get granule shape good stone.

The specific process configuration needs according to the actual situation of concrete analysis, welcome to visit exchanges.

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