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Basalt production equipment, Basalt crushing equipment

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Basalt production equipment, Basalt crushing equipment

July 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Basalt ore has many types and according to the difference types with different hardness. So, the basalt production equipments or basalt processing equipments have more models, during the basalt processing we should select suitable basalt pulverizers according to the basalt types. NFLG can supply you basalt crushing equipments include basalt jaw crusher , basalt cone crusher , basalt sand making machines, basalt grinding machine etc.

The characteristics of basalt

Basalt belongs to the extrusive rocks, consisting chiefly of pyroxene, feldspar and pyroxene, olivine, small amounts of hornblende. Volume density of 2900 ~ 3300kg / m3, 100 ~ 300MPa, compressive strength, weathering resistance strong brittleness. Mainly used in basic, bridges and other stone masonry, after crushing can be used as high strength concrete aggregate.

Basalt crushing equipment

NFLG machinery offers crushing and screening equipment for basalt stone crushing process. The basalt crusher is widely used in basalt quarry to produce basalt aggregate, basalt sand, basalt powder for concrete, cement, industrials, asphalt, agriculture industry and so on.

The common basalt crushing equipment from NFLG Machinery is jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher , VSI crusher, ball mill , Raymond mill , vibrating screen , etc.

Basalt jaw crusher: Primary crushing, high reliability and durability, top continuous crushing performance, excellent total crushing economy.

Basalt impact crusher: Secondary crushing, high reduction ratio, good cubical shape, less sensitive to sticky material, versatile for quarrying and gravel pit industries, cement, concrete and asphalt recycling, and slag recycling.

Basalt cone crusher: Tertiary crushing, fine crushing; high capacity and yield, high equipment quality, easy and cost-effective maintenance, easy to operate.

Basalt VSI crusher: Fine crushing, basalt sand making, crushed basalt shaping, superior cubically shaped product, improved energy efficiency, lower wear costs, improved crushing performance and control, versatility to operate in many demanding and diverse applications etc.

Basalt classification

1) Siliceous sandstone siliceous sandstone formed by silica gel. White, gray, yellow, light red, strength of up to 300MPa, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, durability, and performance is close to that of granite. Can be used for a variety of decorative and relief, time, ground and acid resistant engineering.

2) The calcareous sandstone calcareous sandstone is composed of calcium carbonate cement and sandstone, as the most common and most commonly used. A white, off-white, strength is greater, but not acid. Can be used for most engineering

3) Ferruginous sandstone ferruginous sandstone is composed of iron oxide cemented together, often brown, poor performance, density can be used for general engineering.

4) Clayey sandstone argillaceous sandstone is composed of clay cement and into, easily weathered, poor water resistance, even by water action of collapsibility.

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