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Basalt stone crusher, basalt crusher for sale

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Basalt stone crusher, basalt crusher for sale

June 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Basalt crusher for basalt aggregate in construction

Basalt crusher is the mining equipments widely used in basalt resizing and pulverizing industry, usually in basalt aggregate producing process. Basalt are high hardness and high silica containing materials, which are more difficult to crush or need higher crushing cost during the actual crushing operations. In common parlance, basalt is hard and tough material with high silicon content. Therefore, basalt crushing process should be reasonable to design. Considering breaking the project investment cost, we must take into account the production cost of the production line .

So to provide high quality basalt crusher, NFLG spent for quite a long time to research and finally developed high quality basalt crusher. According to crushing stages, NFLG basalt crushers include primary crusher, secondary crusher and tertiary crusher. Usually we only use primary crushers and secondary crushers in the basalt crushing process.

Basalt stone crusher

Basalt stone is a basic volcanic rock. Oceanic crust of Earth and the Moon The main composition of the material on the sea, the moon is Earth’s continental crust and important material on the mainland. Basalt is the main component silica, alumina, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide (and a small amount of potassium oxide and sodium), in which silica content up to about forty-five% to Fifty or so. basalt color, more often black, dark brown or dark green. Because of its dense texture, its weight than granite, limestone , sandstone and shale are heavy. But some particularly large number of pores of basalt due weight will be reduced, or even can float in the water. Therefore, the light that porous basalt, called “pumice.”

Mainly used for the basalt mine equipment are: jaw crusher , cone crusher, impact crusher , mobile crusher . Shanghai Shibang machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces mining crusher products. You can really the good of the basalt crushing and cutting. One series cone crusher and mobile crusher has a better performance. Basalt cone crusher friction plate design and repair of peripheral eccentric shaft rotating cone with a more reasonable “labyrinth” is a unique function of the system casing, which has more advantages as easy to operate, the scope of a larger, more reliable more smooth operation compared with the traditional basalt crusher. This is the best of basalt broken equipment.

Cone crusher for fine crushing and fine crushing hard rock, ore, slag and refractory.

Cone Crusher Features: The foreign body through the crushing chamber can not be broken or the machine is overloaded for some reason, spring safety system of cone crusher to achieve insurance, cone crusher discharge ore increased. Foreign matter from the exhaust cone crusher chamber, such as foreign body stuck in the port of discharge chamber system with clear, so of discharge continues to increase, the foreign body discharge cone crusher chamber. Cone crusher in the spring under the effect of discharge port automatically reset, cone crusher machine to resume normal work. Cone Crusher Series Crusher Cone Crusher crushing points, the broken cone crusher and cone crusher crushing three, according to the different needs of customers to buy.

Mobile crusher is both mobile crushing plant is a stone can be broken job mobility can be seen as a simple stone production line, widely used in railway, highway, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy and other industries. Mobile crushing station in accordance with the processing of raw materials, the type, size and material requirements of different products, especially broken by small, more suitable for construction waste, construction waste crushing. Mobile crushing plant with thick broken, broken, and broken bits, from the customer’s position, to eliminate fragmentation site, the environment breaking the job barrier to customers as a primary solution. Really provide a cost-effective operation of the project hardware, can greatly expand the concept of crushing operations.

Basalt Crushing Screening Plant

As basalt stone is a major material to produce cast stone, and basalt fibers can be used in various branches of industry fully replacing cancerous asbestos and to a considerable degree glass fibers and metals. At the same time, basalt stone can be found everywhere. So basalt crusher and screening is popular.

NFLG also design basalt crushing and screening for the clients. In basalt stone crusher and screening plant, basalt stones firstly be fed into primary jaw crusher for primary crushing by vibrating feeder , then the crushed basalt stone will be enter into impact crusher or cone crusher for further fine crushing via conveyor belt. According to the clients’ demands, VSI series crusher will be used to shape the sized basalt stone in cubical shape. Finally, vibrating screen will sieve the sized basalt stone into different piles.

Shanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a world state high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, is specialized in mining crushing machinery and industrial R & D and manufacture of milling machinery joint-stock enterprises. Company is located in beautiful Pudong New Area of Shanghai, with more than 90,000 square meters of production base, modern metal cutting machine tools and a professional technical team. Products are exported around the world, with offices in many countries, if you are interested in purchasing our products, you can also check your local office by phone for more addresses.

Requirements of stone crushers in basalt crushing process

In the actual crushing works, when we use jaw crusher to process limestone, jaw plates works with low depreciation, usually continuing for more than one year. This is because the hardness of limestone is very low (4 to 5) with a low silicon content which brings crusher very low abrasive wear parts.

There are strict demands on jaw crushing plates during crushing production line with basalt as the raw materials, in which the cost of production is much higher than limestone crushing process. Therefore, we choose crushing plants with the principle of selection of laminate in the crushing technology design. The typical laminating plants usually include two-stage jaw crushers or jaw crusher and cone crusher deployment.

If customers have high requirements on the final stone grain, we can re-configure impact crusher as shaping equipment, thus forming the three sections of the crushing process configuration. Three section crushing items will inevitably lead to higher investment costs, but for long-term operation of the STONE QUARRY, three sections crushing items, reducing cost of production, is very substantial. Here are some of the basic process configurations of basalt. Various configuration methods have their own characteristics, specifically how to design according to customer’s actual situation analysis.

Basalt crusher used in crushing process

With more than 20 years’ experience in stone crushing process, we developed more than 10 kinds of basalt crushers for the basalt aggregate industry. NFLG basalt crusher includes jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. Also mobile crusher is designed base on those three stationary crushers.

Basalt jaw crusher is usually used as the primary crusher in basalt crushing operation. In the crushing operation with basalt as the crushing materials, jaw plate, crushing bars and impacting pad are parts which are usually the easiest to wear. So we design jaw crusher with the lamination principle.

Basalt cone crusher is usually used in conjunction with jaw crusher as secondary crusher ore tertiary crusher. As basalt is usually very hard, so NFLG design basalt cone crushers with high strength, processing materials with the resist compression strength below 350Mpa.

Basalt impact crusher is usually used in the three stage crushing process and is used between cone crusher and jaw crusher. Impact Crusher’s greatest attribute is the ability to produce grain quality of stone, with crushing and shaping integer performance. Therefore, the impact crusher is mainly used for crushing stone in construction field and provides high-quality grain in roads, railways, airports, terminals and high-rise buildings.

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